Sun in Gemini — Rising in Capricorn

The character of a man with the Sun in Gemini and the ascendant in Capricorn brings serious contacts to others. It can be philosophers. Communication becomes truly meaningful. But they are in no hurry with anything. If friends want to unite, having founded a society, then the foundation is postponed, but being created, it turns out to be exemplary.

Bitter journalists, developing into serious writers, tests help in development. Superficiality is rejected; They can dig a whole day to the deep meaning of a word. They seem somewhat gloomy, and mostly pessimistic, pointing to the approaching dangers. They warn society, but nobody listens to them: memoirs show that, unfortunately, they were right.

If it is a question of changes in an enterprise or at home, they are subjected to such verification for so long that changes lose their meaning; They do not hurry. Gemini with an ascendant in Capricorn knows how long it takes to get people to mature enough to live with each other without killing each other.

The idea of an "eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" is completely rejected. Impulsively, this can arise, but on mature reflections this ordinary cycle is rejected as meaningless. But they can not live in isolation, they need contact, even if only to annoy, how superficial. And they are trying to deepen these ties, unfortunately, very slowly and gradually.

♊ Gemini Sun ☉♑ Capricorn Rising ☆

You are sublime, thoughtful and serious, prone to self-observation. You are cautious and rarely act foolhardy. You can survive many hardships and deprive yourself of basic amenities to achieve your goal. Prestige or position in life can be more important to you than real welfare or material gain. You are very good at concentrating and can patiently exhaust the strength of those who oppose you.

You are a good organizer, but calculating and treacherous. The goal of your ambition is to be recognized as a leader in your chosen fields, but even if you become rich and famous, you will live modestly. In youth, you look older than your years, and in adulthood - younger. Probably, you had a difficult childhood, and education was interrupted due to illness. Although, in later years this problem will soften.

You have a strong and determined character, a suspicious and melancholy mind. You can forgive, but never forget. Your father is probably hostile to you and may be an obstacle to your marriage. You seem cold, but really like to help others, usually completely unselfishly. Once you decide what you want from life, you will certainly achieve it.

Dark Side of the Sign

Your main drawback is megalomania, such a person as you are happy only when you manage others. You have a huge "I" and insuperable need to always win in life. One of your favorite activities is to give "expert advice" to less knowledgeable people. You are bossy and arrogant, absolutely do not care about the feelings of others. Impossible snob, you are fawning in front of the superiors, but just keep within the limits of courtesy with those who occupy a position below yours.

You consider yourself an exceptional person and have the pleasure of knocking others out of their heads. Your character is so annoying to other people that, after listening to your tirades for a few hours, they will go to great lengths to silence you. You never stop convincing people that you are better than they think. Master pressure on others, you put down resistance and reduce people to the state of a shivering pile of jelly. Appeals of people to leave them alone you miss the ears. All you care about is the power that can give you power.

Love and Family

Despite the restrained manner of behavior, men born under this combination of signs are extremely sensual. Women are more likely to express themselves creatively. Both sexes love warmth and comfort. You are fervent about marriage and need a caring and considerate partner. You do everything to provide comfort and safety to your home and always want to save your family. Probably, you will give way to everything to your spouse and even will endure an unsuccessful marriage for the sake of preserving the family. Over time, your relationship with your spouse becomes more mature.

Some people with Ascendant in Capricorn are opposed to marriage, while others are in a hurry with this and marry early and repeatedly. In any case, love is subject to great fatal changes, and the spouse can become an obstacle to achieve some ambitious goal. In the case of several marriages, one of them can bring wealth. Your ambitions are probably closely related to your children, and the pressure you are exerting on them can lead to a break in communication with them.

Career and Money

You are perfectly suited for drawing up work plans in large corporations. You have a scientific mindset that is interested in researching and streamlining the facts. You will succeed more quickly by applying persistent and even efforts than trying to solve the problem at once. You are conscientious and capable of compiling a clear and concise report from disparate data. Therefore, you can be attracted to work on the computer. You prefer to deal with facts, not with speculation. You can also attract services. Well-being is achieved at the expense of personal qualities, with the help of friends and family support, although the game on the stock exchange may also be profitable. Take care of your success, since people born with the Ascendant in Capricorn can expect great changes in later life.

Health and Immunity

Your nerves suffer from the fact that you work too much, but, as a rule, you take care of your body and eat moderately. Usually in childhood you do not have good health, but later become stronger. Other problems can be colds, rheumatism, especially in the knees and hands, gastric diseases of nervous origin, you can also get sick during the journey. You are prone to hypochondria, which should be kept under control. But in general, a person born under this combination of signs, is not bad health.

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