Sun in Gemini — Rising in Gemini

The character of a man with the Sun in Gemini and an Ascendant in Gemini is lively, lively, nervous, clever, well-turned. They need to talk to someone all the time; They often overestimate their own mind. Their observance quickly fills the gaps in education.

They can become indispensable due to their knowledge of where, why and what is happening. They have a clever sense of humor, which always finds a response. They explore the world of journalism, they always find a way to contract, they know how to find out secrets. Others quickly begin to see friends in them but just as quickly remain without them.

Gemini with an ascendant in Gemini is looking everywhere for gold or steel, but finds mostly trinkets; But they also know how to do this, telling, embellishing. Because the whole world around them is interesting, they can at the same time be in three meetings, and the devil knows how they do it: at the right time they are on what they need.

They are perfectly able to adapt and everywhere they find acquaintances who show them new ways. Their eyes are always moving, but not from internal anxiety, but because they do not want to miss anything out of sight. They say so much that they can make a person sick, but then they talk about his illness.

♊ Gemini Sun ☉♊ Gemini Rising ☆

This double dose of Gemini means that you can not sit still and happy only when you are busy. You are very smart, have an inquisitive mind and use these qualities to get through in life. You are intelligent, friendly and receptive, well versed in people. Intellectual qualities are more important to you than appearance. But you like to have a good time, and your rich imagination is always in search of novelty. Most of all you love communication. Others believe that you are extremely energetic and often surprised how you manage to maintain youthfulness and freshness of perception.

Your luck is very changeable and essentially depends on the opposite sex — love will bring many problems. You are either very wealthy or very poor. If you have a brother, he will be very successful in life. Your love of risk and the inclination to happily accept any challenge that throws your life will inevitably make it full of events.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are a real ice: alienated, inattentive to others and not able to sympathize. Absolutely unreliable, you always assume obligations that you can not fulfill. You are self-serving, dispassionate and superficial. You are also capable of being a talented liar, deceiver and rogue. One of your main talents is to take the talent, although you never think of giving something in return.

You have a bad memory: you constantly change your decisions, and then forget what you wanted from the very beginning. You can be heartless, calculating and extremely sarcastic, attacking some unfortunate victim with your razor-sharp tongue. You may think that the constant pursuit of the unattainable makes you an interesting person, but it is not. When the time comes to love, fall in love with the traveler. So your ways will hardly intersect: you will not get tired of it, and he does not know how real you are.

Love and Family

You are a wanderer by nature and can marry twice or have two or three novels one after another. Marriage will be based on the attraction of minds, not bodies, and an ideal couple for you will be an intellectual who can appreciate your crazy ideas. Sex is secondary to your need to be understood. But no one can count on the fact that he will be able to tie you in your arms and legs and make you sit in one place. Your love relationships lead to many mysteries and are the cause of many troubles. One of the novels will be held abroad or with a foreigner. The representatives of the opposite sex should understand that although you can not resist flirting, all that you do is an exercise for your mind, and it is unlikely that it will end with a bed.

Career and Money

You are fortunate in that you will succeed in almost any field of activity that you choose. The problem is, what kind of work to choose. Often you use your incredible adaptability to have several classes at once, and are completely happy, switching from one to the other. You should have a good job as a freelancer working under contracts. You can expect success in the field of literature, science or art, or even in travel. You are inventive and original, have abilities in the field of jurisprudence, trade and own the art of negotiating. You are able to lead without bias and respectful attitude to your subordinates and will be able to manage your well-balanced and strong will well. At the beginning of your career, you may have problems with lawyers, and because of lack of determination you tend to "sit on two chairs." Most likely, you get an inheritance, which, however, can bring trouble.

Health and Immunity

You are probably very nervous, and this will certainly affect your health. You need moderate nutrition, rest and exercise. You can suffer from poisoning, are prone to gallbladder disease, fever and lung disease, especially if you have dark hair. Accidents can happen to you, but you will always, albeit at the last moment, be saved. If you are prudent, your health will be all right, but avoid overexertion.

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