Sun in Gemini — Rising in Leo

The character of the person with the Sun in Gemini and the Ascendant in Leo is fully owned by the communication; They are leaders of discussions, people who dominate the debate, these innate guides who are able to connect the group and combine interest with educational value. Speech for them is an expression of human activity.

True, sometimes connecting the word turns into an entangling, but they know how to stop, being infected. They have a good outlook, are always ready to receive and spread new things. Their speech is full of sound, the expressions are precise. They can immediately take advantage of the opportunity. Sometimes they make a restless impression, but they own themselves and are able to cope with internal nervousness.

The Gemini with the ascendant in Leo, however, are racking their brains when they enter into a petty argument, or when someone claims something. Being unable to substantiate. Then they enter into a fierce dispute or leave the hall. They are always ready to receive, and you can always turn to them, because they are generous with advice; But they are waiting for the council to follow.

They express their opinion somewhat boldly, but are ready with all the courage for him to stand up. Confident social behavior makes it easier for them to start life and further personal advancement; There is only a certain constant time.

♊ Gemini Sun ☉♌ Leo Rising ☆

You are a leader, crave for power and recognition. You are at the height when you have authority, and probably will achieve some responsible position in life, where you can inspire others to great achievements. You are ambitious, self-confident and brave. Although you are very nervous and quick-tempered, you easily forgive and seldom are vindictive. You are an optimist and believe in a better future. You are sociable, generous, full of goodwill, when everything goes well. Nevertheless, you immediately begin to worry when there are difficulties, and you can push all the cases and concentrate on solving the problem. You do not give up any responsibility, and when you are in danger, you are going with the strength to attack it, whatever it is. You eagerly overcome any troubles.

You are a noble whole nature, full of dignity, mercy and loyalty. You are an attractive and energetic person, you gravitate towards a leadership position and dominate your social circle. Your kindness and generosity makes you popular. You love to make the most of your ability to lead and keep in touch with people who have a good position in society. You love everything bright and beautiful and do not endure pettiness. You are able to deeply compassionate, but you can keep this feeling under control and sometimes become dogmatic. If your father is important for achieving your good position in life, then probably he experienced many vicissitudes of fate. If not, it will be the source of some problems.

Dark Side of the Sign

Your hot temper means that you throw people out of your life, and then at the meeting wonder why it is not visible. You do not have the patience to communicate with hot-tempered people. You are simply slothful, overbearing and outrageously boastful. You believe that you were born for a luxurious life, but you do not have the slightest idea how to achieve it.

You believe that the world is your servant, and it’s not surprising that your relationships with people can be difficult. If you can tear yourself away from the chair and go hunting, you can catch a partner, but you will be a terrible spouse. Fidelity is alien to your nature. Marriage will never be able to offer you enough to satisfy such a helicopter like you. In addition, you easily buy on the exterior. You are extremely complacent, never apologizing and always try to show others where they are wrong, although it maybe you who are to blame.

Love and Family

You try to be persistent and love sincerely. You can marry twice and have children in both unions. There will be many children, the older child may not be very happy in life. You can have twins, especially if your spouse is Aquarius. You need to be careful when choosing a couple, because your married life is full of tension. You can inspire children with sublime ideas and awaken their abilities. You are a gambler and like to play risky games with love, with your abilities and even with your destiny.

You do not easily marry and often choose an unsuitable spouse. If you meet the same independent person as yourself, the result can be an explosive mixture. You are often attracted by people of an artistic fabric who are likely to be inclined to insurgency, and not to servility. You need an intelligent person who is passionately in love with you and serious in order to pay with comparatively harmless doses of veneration, which you will require of him in exchange for your affection.

Career and Money

Exhaustive work, creative inspiration and innate leadership abilities are usually a guarantee that you will achieve the heights of success. Although you are ambitious, first of all you want to do your job well. But as soon as you get the power, you immediately begin to resist any deviation from the established order. You can be the head of the office staff as long as this staff remembers that you are in charge of it.

You can find the application for your numerous talents in the field of fine arts and public service. You understand poetry and you love theater. Well-being will come thanks to personal efforts, and also with the help of friends who are in good standing. It is not difficult for you to find rich patrons, and also you can succeed in trade in consumer goods. Your career will be profitable, honorable and will include many trips. You will have numerous and useful friends in the literary and artistic environment.

Health and Immunity

You sometimes overestimate your stamina. Learn to rely on others, because, overworking, you bring on illnesses. The most vulnerable organs are the heart and back, you can suffer rheumatism and blood diseases. Usually you are either a very healthy person, or always sit on a sick leave.

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