Sun in Gemini — Rising in Libra

The character of a person with the Sun in Gemini and the Ascendant in Libra connects feeling and spirituality. Everything is connected by words. They are skilled, adapt well, have a special charm that could be called professional.

They follow fashion, at art exhibitions and newspaper editorial offices they are like at home. If this is a reporter, then it’s not so easy to get rid of him. Ideas are born of a flow, there are many opportunities that are ultimately always associated with them, which is important, because they are not devoid of vanity. They are easily distracted and therefore often do not have time to concentrate on work of art.

Gemini with an Ascendant in Libra can be stunned with research work; If we are talking about flirting — they do not hold anything. They are always on the road; From them good traveling salesmen can turn out. They open doors that are closed to others, their charm and humor are pleasant even if something is done at the expense of others. The organization on a large scale succeeds them to a lesser extent, they rather deliver information.

They do not know how to be permanent, but their impermanence itself turns out to be worthy. The people around love and pamper them more than others, and eventually they learn to use it. They know how to justify themselves; The right to be late they include in the contract, relying on the fact that those around them are generous.

♊ Gemini Sun ☉♎ Libra Rising ☆

You love balance and harmony and constantly try to restore order in a world where injustice rules. A nice and gentle person, you have a deeply rooted need for peace. You quickly get irritated, but it’s just as easy and calming down. You are a sociable creature and a nice, courteous companion who wants to please everyone at the same time. When problems arise, you take a wait-and-see attitude and try to understand where the wind will blow, since you do not like troubles.

You love cultural and sophisticated entertainment and admire the beauty in all forms, especially nature and art. Gifted with amazing grace and charm, you are also idealistic, intuitive and capable of creativity. But beware, if you do not restrain your impressionable imagination, it can lead to the fact that you will take what you want for reality and give out crazy ideas. Your will is strong, but changeable. You can recklessly indulge in addicting only to immediately lose interest in him and get carried away by something else.

Dark Side of the Sign

Unreliable and unstable, you care about yourself much more than about someone else. In its most charming expression, you are a friendly and indiscriminate red tape, which takes much more than it gives. You are superficial, and before you can give your heart to a new lover, you immediately give it up for someone else, because the bells of love suddenly stopped ringing. You are more in love with love itself than with a particular person. You can talk about your feelings without experiencing them; Or you will fantasize about love with a movie star, but do not fall in love with a real person.

You prefer to live, constantly dreaming, and are absolutely illogical and unreliable person. You never took responsibility and hate even the very word. You will not stop at anything to get what you think is necessary. When it comes to livelihood, you rely on the will of Providence, do not compromise, and you do not have time to think about someone other than yourself. You are constantly looking for a new dream.

Love and Family

You are nice, amorous, very gentle, but changeable. In a romantic relationship, you are guided by the mind, not the heart, and may prefer to stay away from the messy confusion that love entails, but you know that you remain vulnerable to emotions. A person born under this combination of signs tends to lose his coldness with unusual love relationships, leading to fundamental changes. A tactful mediator, you are better versed in the relationship between other people than in your own. You can exercise truly remarkable patience in family life.

You may have many brothers and sisters, perhaps you will marry a person from a large family. Between relatives there can be a conflict, as a result of which a lawsuit can follow. Your children will be happy and will bring you satisfaction. Probably, one of your parents will marry twice. Your spouse will be wealthy and even a rich man. Maybe you will get an unexpected inheritance. You have many friends, but you can involuntarily harm one of them.

Career and Money

You are inventive and can work well in the designer’s work, in maritime affairs and navigation. Art and business are areas of activity in which you will succeed. Liquids will bring you luck, many people who were born under this combination of signs, became traders in wine, chemists, doctors, surgeons or sailors. There may be conflicts or losses because of an unreliable business partner, so be very careful when concluding contracts. Physical labor does not attract you, and you feel that you are born for something more than being a cog in a big car. You are tastefully dressed, well versed in the furnishings and jewelry, but this does not provide you with income.

Health and Immunity

Your active imagination often leads you to illness, so keep it under control. Ascendant in Libra means the probability of diseases of the liver, kidneys and veins, and also the intestines. Anxiety that you experience in connection with financial difficulties, can cause malaise. Think sensibly, do not fuss in vain, this will save your nerves and health.

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