Sun in Gemini — Rising in Sagittarius

A man with the Sun in Gemini and an Ascendant in Sagittarius lives among the people around freely and cheerfully. They seem always content with themselves and in harmony with the world. At the same time, they feel in themselves a kind of creative tension that makes sense. The internal need of communication grows into a literary taste.

Behind verbal slogans they try to show politics and economics; They try to explain to everyone that the language is so important that you can not joke with it. These are teachers who force their students to rewrite the composition so many times that the worst of them receive awards at contests. They support sports as a form of relationship; The loss is not perceived as a raging misfortune, they refer to the enemy as a friend.

Gemini with an ascendant in Sagittarius seek a partnership, more spiritual than sexually, so they make friends of all kinds. Their behavior is full of self-confidence, but does not irritate others. Near them, everyone has enough air to breathe. The world around them is also in motion; Sincere curiosity makes them look behind the scenes — not theatrical, but world drama.

Such persons are absolutely irreplaceable in politics, because they have a sense of the people, it speaks in them and can be developed by them. Finally, they spread human optimism.

♊ Gemini Sun ☉♐ Sagittarius Rising ☆

Feeling of freedom is one of your strongest qualities. You care very much for your personal freedom, and although you are usually good-natured, you do not like when you are commanded. You act when you have this mood, and prefer activities that allow you to do just that. You are optimistic, generous and courteous; Good comrade, honest and reliable. Open, attentive to people and good-natured, you never lack a friend. You are thinking broadly, and you are attracted by prospects and new horizons. You like to travel and explore different cultures. Movement, freedom, energy, the ability to own one’s body — all this makes sports a very attractive activity for you.

Although sometimes you seem rude, your remarks are surprisingly accurate. You often enter, and you tend to make plans that are certainly impossible to implement. Usually you are polite, but behave defiantly in the presence of enemies or when you are forced to defend yourself. Sometimes you show people that you treat them with some caution and distrust. This leads to deception, although you are trying to avoid it. You prefer to work with a partner and live in a marriage, but you need a person who will understand your feelings and desire to preserve your freedom.

Dark Side of the Sign

You like to like yourself and with extreme impulsiveness rush to seek pleasure, and not finding satisfaction in one entertainment, jump to another. You live in the present, guided by immediate desires and do not stop to look around and see if you missed anything important in life. When you fall in love, it turns out that you absolutely do not know what to do with this feeling. Your obvious fear of being bound hand and foot is really only a way to hide the fact that you are too selfish to share yourself.

You are a narcissist, unreliable and irresponsible. You indulge in a disorderly way of life, always in pursuit of new victories, and your love of travel casts you from person to person and from country to country. Whatever you decide to do, it must be done entirely on your terms. You stop growing up at the age of sixteen and remain a lightweight youth for the rest of your life. Your idea of adventure is to avoid responsibility, and although you can have fun with you, do not delay communication, or people will see your true face.

Love and Family

You need a partner who respects your desire to be independent, otherwise you will raise the uprising and run away very far. You are confident and determined, and the game of expectation is not your style. You can be rather careless about marriage or permanent relationships, and only a lot of very different people can satisfy your need for constant urging on your feelings.

You will probably marry more than once and prefer someone who will completely satisfy your sexual needs. Sometimes you find that it will be better for your career if you are married. One of the marriages or long ties will have a significant impact on your situation in life. You will have a small family, and it will be difficult for you to get on with the children, unless you try very hard to correct this situation.

Career and Money

You are drawn to big business and big financial affairs. Your love of sports can provide income, you can become a good teacher, especially where you need to read moral teachings, because you are very good at speaking with peremptory tone. At work, you may seem unceremonious, but it is just a manifestation of your inexhaustible faith in life. You will achieve prosperity through your own efforts, but you can also obtain an inheritance. Many people born under this combination of signs devote themselves to analytical work and research. Your career is likely to be long and fruitful, and especially successful for you will be working with a partner.

Health and Immunity

You are well aware of how much a person’s health affects his ability to achieve success in life. You are attentive to your diet and physically fit for accomplishment. Diseases associated with this combination of signs affect the throat, ears and bronchi, and some clumsiness can lead to minor injuries, but usually nothing serious.

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