Sun in Gemini — Rising in Scorpio

The character of a person with the Sun in Gemini and the Ascendant in Scorpio is attacking those around him with their intentions, plans and opinions. In all this there is something frantic, as if this news could really save the world. They want to forcibly bring together something that is not connected by nature.

This, for example, may be a woman who appears for a man of another race, consciously and fearlessly opposed to the inhabitants, not so much, however, because of love, how much for the propaganda of the idea. They carry others behind them, but they soon abandon them, that the path is impassable. Then they turn against all who hold a different opinion than they do. In a dispute, they can not be ignored, and many discussions end badly because of their behavior.

Their moral claims are great, their own behavior is determined more by warlike slogans. If they are pointed to it, they do not forgive it. Their intentions are good at the base, but they are too loose for them to be taken. There is no impasse in which they did not fall — but for them there are no dead ends.

Gemini with an ascendant in Scorpio take on public tasks, which others seem unrealizable, and, oh miracle, they get it! But they know how to skillfully set traps, believing that the end justifies the means. The inexperienced must first be knocked off the road, then they will see that at first everything was right!

♊ Gemini Sun ☉♏ Scorpio Rising ☆

You are a staunch, resolute and very hardy person. You remain calm and sober in critical situations, when others are in a state close to panic. You achieve everything with the help of your enormous willpower. You are proud and closed, you rarely let other people close to you, because you prefer to hide your deepest feelings and suppress your impulses. You are suspicious and secretive, and your seclusion gives you a sense of ownership of the situation. You are the type of person with whom no one is at risk of quarreling.

You can not get behind the word in your pocket, you can be rude, defiant and sarcastic. Your tongue can sting like a scorpion. Suppression of feelings leads to sudden emotional explosions, in addition, you have a talent for witty and sarcastic remarks. Your judgments are accurate, you like to solve mysteries and are fond of occultism. It is not easy for you to influence and it is hardly possible to deceive.

You are energetic and have magnetism, which speaks of your immense power and passion. By nature grumpy and picky, you can transform these qualities and direct them to the right track, for example, the ability to conduct an impressive discussion. You have a good father, although he may be in danger of failing. Being ambitious, you are likely to achieve a good position in life.

Dark Side of the Sign

As a child, you, no doubt, secretly dreamed of becoming a spy or a gangster. Since then, you have not changed much. Success will not keep you waiting if you do not suffer from remorse and attach great importance to the high position in society, whatever it takes to achieve it. You are selfish, sarcastic and perceptive; You understand people, remaining a mystery to them. It’s good that you are moving away from people, because if someone could penetrate your thoughts, who knows what horrors there would show up?

You are calculating even in love, for you it is like a chess game that you almost already won. Emotionally, you often act unfairly, using intimidation, regardless of the need for it and never giving up your plans. For you, the end justifies the means.

Love and Family

You are famous for your sexual immensity, although this glory is not always deserved, because self-control is very developed in you. Emotional flashes lead to a secret passion, which often ends tragically. Despite this, you love everything secret, hidden.

You are careful when it comes to marriage, and very meticulously approach the choice of a spouse. Banal jealousy of the owner can explode in you and splash out with the fury of the volcano. But you are a faithful spouse and do not seek to get divorced, even if your marriage is unsuccessful.

Nevertheless, you tend to marry more than once, fighting a rival for one of your spouses can be very difficult. Your love affair will bring you much excitement and will be shrouded in secrets. But in general, marriage should bring you well-being, usually financial. You will have many children who will marry early. Probably, some secret troubles may be associated with one of your children.

Career and Money

You are attracted by medicine, science and research. You have the natural abilities of a mechanic, as well as the ability to destroy and create. You can become an excellent administrator or specialist in the field of industrial chemistry. Rough or dirty work does not disgust you. You can perfectly prove yourself in matters related to cleaning up pollution. Usually you have two sources of income and two completely different occupations. Wealth will come, but keep in mind that some of your love relationships can greatly affect your situation in life, in good or bad.

Health and Immunity

You use your tremendous reserves of physical and mental energy to resist enemies, and this can jeopardize your health. The problems associated with this Rising Sign are gallbladder diseases, poisonings, head injuries and diseases accompanied by high fever. Be careful with sharp or hot objects, the right hand is prone to injury. Do not neglect care about vision. However, most of your diseases are the result of excesses to which you are inclined.

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