Sun in Gemini — Rising in Taurus

The character of a person with the Sun in Gemini and an Ascendant in Taurus easily contacts through his charm, and the communication is somewhat emotional, so that they find the right tone in relation to others. They easily reach out to their partner, they are ready to surround with a stream of words; If he is ready to listen, this can lead to a long connection.

They rarely show themselves insecure, so they are able to talk about their mistakes and failures, hoping to meet understanding. Their inner core is constantly turning to something new, but others do not feel it, because they hide artfully. They, however, do not know how to keep silent, but they chat about everything with charm.

Gemini with an ascendant in Taurus want to live in a safe environment, but they are not looking for forest loneliness either — it’s not their business. True, they talk about love of nature, but, nevertheless, they sit in smoke-filled crowded rooms. Their playful modesty disarms, but they should not be left in the corner for some time.

They are good listeners if they know that their answer will be taken seriously. They promise long-lasting affection and gain many friends, but they are not so faithful; Too much they have accumulated impressions. They create a cozy home, but they arrange open receptions and celebrations, which almost everyone who cultivates the ability to behave in society can get; They are attracted to secular life, they do not want to stay away.

♊ Gemini Sun ☉♉ Taurus Rising ☆

You are independent, able to work hard and long to achieve the chosen goal. You usually have a pleasant and resonant voice. Gemini with Taurus rising are graceful, even if somewhat full. You love gold, literally. You save money and turn it into tangible assets that give you a wonderful sense of security. You never risk your property. You prefer grueling work, but do not rely on luck. You are kind and do not like to quarrel, but if you are hurt, you will not let down the offender. You can be extremely stubborn, stubborn and unyielding in the face of difficulties, and once you have decided on something, you do not surrender your positions, regardless of any obstacles.

There is a lot of energy behind your stamina, but if you can not steer it in the right direction, you can become too dependent on comfort and convenience. You are sincere and reliable, you can be relied on, but you need time to think before you make a decision, and so you can be considered a little sluggish person. You are imbued with deep compassion for all living things, love beauty, nature, music and literature. You also love the amenities, good food and entertainment. You have unconstrained manners, and you can have a beneficial effect on nervous or irritable people.

You will succeed due to unexpected luck, someone’s devoted love or with the help of friends. Taurus assumes that you have good parents, this is especially true for your father, who plays a big role in your life. You usually have a quiet and peaceful life, although problems often arise because of your unnecessary obstinacy.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are a very down-to-earth person, and your charm can be compared to the charm of a baboon. Manners also remind you that you descended from someone who sits in a zoo. Your love for food is obvious, because sometimes it is located on your clothes, and sometimes even on your fingers. The indicator of your appetite is your body, massive and, probably, with the belly. With respect to money, you can be greedy or selfish and will not give your best friend even a trifle to a bus ticket. During the time when your friends support you financially, you can fully accumulate a fortune.

Manifesting his temperament, you hesitate from perseverance to frenzy and are able to explode and devastate everything around. Absolutely unfeeling, you never suffer and do not regret anything. You have few interests in life, you are a slave to your habits. Variety and change is the only thing that shakes you. Your life is so monotonous that after a while you generally forget how to think, and everyone around you will fool you as they want.

Love and Family

You get pleasure from romantic love stories, but they do not enchant you and love dreams do not fascinate you. You think that everything should have its place, including emotions. You can be a bit of a Puritan and choose a pair with great care. But if you decide to take on the marriage obligations, you humble yourself with them, comforted by the fact that today you know about what will happen tomorrow.

Home life is likely to revolve around your preferences. You are a demanding partner who presses on your family and turns a spouse’s life into a perfect misfortune by his jealousy and possessive attitude. You feel happy when your sexual claims are satisfied, and your partner is psychologically in your power. You will not shy away from sharing your money with loved ones.

You have a sixth sense where it comes to your partners, and although you are a very carnal person, you need someone who will stimulate your intellect. Afraid that ill-wishers can overshadow your married life and prevent your happiness, you are looking for solitude. Children delight you, but while they are small, they need increased attention. Becoming adults, they will receive a humanitarian and artistic education and will succeed in life. Being a hard person, you tend to quarrel with your offspring from time to time.

Career and Money

In youth, your position in life will be unstable, but later you will advance due to successful ties in the world of science, art, literature or through the profession of a teacher. Knowing about the importance of comfort and convenience in life, you can well study such areas as nutrition and hygiene. Money usually comes to you in different ways, you like to maintain acquaintance with wealthy people. Although you love to make an impression of a prosperous person in life, you do not come up with the idea of spending money on gifts and travel.

You need to work in a harmonious environment, because any disagreement leads you out of yourself. You can work in a team, and if you want to achieve peace at any cost, you often manage to unite people who are alien to one another in spirit. Often you work in the art sphere, are interested in science, gardening or gardening. A hardworking and unpretentious employee, you can come to the conclusion that your work will be taken for granted. Worse, this attitude to your work may even appeal to you. Nevertheless, you are a very reliable worker, attentive to small details. Any of these qualities can provide you with a source of income.

Health and Immunity

You need an atmosphere of friendliness and participation, you are prone to diseases, the causes of which are rooted in feelings of anger, as well as diseases of the liver and kidneys, often caused by self-indulgence. Diabetes, tonsillitis, tonsillitis — your usual problems. In general, you know how to resist the ailments and get sick really only as a result of great stress.

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