Sun in Gemini — Rising in Virgo

The character of the person with the Sun in Gemini and the Ascendant in Virgo is sociable, subtle-nervous, but quite stable. They are almost imperceptibly moving among the surrounding people, but many threads are moving along with them. They tend to do several things at once, they are diligent and for the most part intelligent. They are full of ideas, they put them into circulation and win the sympathy of others.

Sometimes there are difficulties due to the fact that they grasp faster than others, but this is redeemed by their always willingness to help. They receive mail for everyone in the house, they organize a collection of donations, they spread the news — and talk for hours on the phone.

To spend an hour without talking is deadly for them; They even talk about food. Gemini with an ascendant in Virgo is quick to reproach, if something is wrong, but easily reconciled. They generally do not stay in one place for a long time, unless they really philosophize. These are excellent critics and review authors.

The life of their feelings is constantly controlled by the mind; They suffer from it, but they do not know how to do it. They must express what they feel, and this often kills the feeling. Their love often looks prudent, or dabbled — intellectual tones; They are the authors of love memoirs.

♊ Gemini Sun ☉♍ Virgo Rising ☆

You are a very sensible person and like to translate your ideas into reality. You like the elegant and neat environment and sometimes you seem excessively clean or picky. You are very good at handling the details that are important for establishing the order that you love so much. It’s hard for you to please, and although you are conservative in your views, you constantly reflect and worry about your affairs. Wanting to get rich, you make savings. You are frugal and prudent, you want to calmly reach wealth and save money. You strive for complete perfection around and put all things in their place.

You are modest, rather nervous, and you are somewhat lacking in self-confidence. You dress neatly, but imperceptibly. When you want, you can show diplomacy, tact and discernment. You like healthy food and often cook with enthusiasm. Beware of a lack of perspective vision, which can lead to pettiness You are not easily angered, but you also do not easily forgive. You are a strong-willed, intelligent and resourceful person, you can be extremely tenacious.

Probably, in your family there is some secret: your father was married twice or one of the parents has a secret love affair. In old age you can have two houses, possibly in different countries. Your friends are not constant, and although you will often part with them, you will easily make new acquaintances.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are a complete contradiction. You highly value your help to others, while in reality you only serve yourself. You also believe only in what you want to believe. You think small, but your criticism is simply destructive. You need compliments, and sometimes you make them yourself. You are a cunning manipulator and so you want everyone to think well of you, that you try to expose everyone else in a miserable light compared to you.

You are fast on your tongue, and your mind — sharp as a razor — is wasting on sarcastic remarks and meaningless chatter. You think that when you say, the listener should feel grateful for the fact that he gets your criticism about what and why he is doing wrong. It seems to you that others welcome your criticism, and you feel like an improvement, but as long as it does not concern your own behavior. Then you spend a lot of energy to blame others for your failures, and are very encouraged by your own indignation and revenge.

In love, you demand perfection and are fond of those who have succeeded in life, since they exalt you in their own eyes. Your excessive egoism may not make you happy, but it certainly helps you to achieve what you want, even if then you do not know what to do with it.

Love and Family

You tend to choose the safest way, and this can prove to be a deterrent when it comes to a love interest. Some may consider you unresponsive, but in reality you are prone to hesitation and are afraid that your feelings will prevail over the mind. You need a person who sincerely appreciates your tireless work that you are making to fulfill your part of the contract. You are looking not so much praise as sympathetic understanding. Guided by the desire to provide an acceptable and viable marriage, you can try to give up personal desires, but Virgo is not a suitable type for marriage, so you can make a firm decision in your youth to stay alone.

If you recognize a marriage, you will greatly appreciate your family union and order. You really do not like to leave your family for long. There is probably also a family secret; Some problems related to your first child. You will have few children, they will be difficult to manage, and they will marry late. You can experience disappointment in love and marry twice or have a relationship on the side. Be careful, because your combination of signs makes it possible to cause someone’s constant hatred directed against you because of some kind of love story in which a child could suffer.

Career and Money

You have an acute business mindset, and you are able to give accurate estimates, quickly understand the intricate situations and get to the heart of the matter. You are very good at work, requiring precision and special talents, are able to quickly learn and have great endurance. You would have made a wonderful accountant, secretary or personal assistant, as well as a wonderful deputy chief. You feel dislike for working alone. You are good at balancing resources and always take care to save a little.

You love art, literature, history, theater, gardening, gardening and agriculture. Whatever the size of your condition, it will come to you as a result of grueling work. In youth, you will have problems, but the second half of life will be more successful. For some time you will work abroad, and your professional restlessness will force you to change your place of residence often.

Health and Immunity

You are very attentive to your health and have advanced ideas about nutrition; The stress that you experience as a result of too intense work can affect your nervous system. Other diseases include colic, flatulence, stomach problems on nerves, blood-poisoning, allergies and eczema. Periodic rest and proper nutrition will help you cope with many problems.

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