Sun in Leo

At first, it’s hard not to like those with the Sun in Leo with their open hearted, friendly ways. They often enter a room as a radiant presence that causes everyone to take notice, and are skilled at “working” a crowd for best effect. As a friend, they have a knack for mining a buried dream, polishing it to a shine again, and making anything seem possible.

There’s a public confidence with the Leo Sun that other signs only dream of, which gives them free reign to fully express their creative and social selves. Whether they end up in civil service or on a Broadway stage, chances are they’ll have an audience. When standing proudly before adoring fans (or co-workers), they’re casting out warmth that has a palpable power to win hearts and minds.

Leo has a hard time with the mundane, and will be drawn to colorful careers and dramatic relationships. While some people shrink at the idea of dating around, the Leo considers it a time to play and enjoy the game of romance. And it’s not unusual for a Lion on the market to have a few kettles on the stove.

After getting to know a Leo, you might discover that they’re very loyal, but only to themselves. You can come up against severe resistance if trying to bend the will of a Leo for the sake of a relationship. Their pride leads to the reputation of having a super-sized Ego, and being a difficult Diva type. But in the end, their stubborn self-regard elicits widespread respect, since so many of them grab the gusto and achieve their loftiest goals.

The Light of the Soul

The Ray of Love/Wisdom becomes expressed as the dynamic fixity of purpose through the First Ray Orientation of Leo. This is carried forth into the minds of men through Venus, Lord of the Fifth Ray, upon which Leo also manifests. The planet/sign combination of the Sun and Leo is the only one which maintains itself on personality, Soul and Spirit levels. This allows the unfoldment of consciousness to proceed in a direct fashion from the Will of ~God~ to the ~little wills of men~.

The Second Ray of Love/Wisdom of the Sun becomes expressed as dynamic force and power through the First Ray orientation of the fixed sign quality of Leo. The Sun rules supreme in this sign, allowing the Purpose of Life in our solar system (which is the unfolding of consciousness), to proceed in a direct fashion from the Mind of God into the minds of humanity. The unfolding of consciousness translates as the activation of self-awareness.

Once we know that we are a self, self-demonstrating and self-creating, we then come to know ourselves as an extension of universal creativity. The quality of this revelation comes to us as unconditional love. An incarnation taken in Leo has the potential to express the Love and Wisdom of the Sun in its most potently creative fashion, What must be encountered along the Way is the almost equally potent self-centeredness of a Leo ego!

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