Sun in Leo — Moon in Aquarius

The combination of Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon signs is an interesting one, usually producing a very attractive personality to most people. Your combination blends the vitality, warmth, generosity, magnanimity, and pride of Leo, with the originality, ingenuity and friendliness of Aquarius. Whatever you undertake is usually met with popular support. You are highly social, likable, and extroverted.

There is a natural desire to project your personality into public affairs or activities of a creative nature. You are very philosophical and inclined to mental expansion and creativity. You may not be as purposeful as you are idealistic and romantic. On the many subjects that attract your interest, you are sincere, but not deeply involved and committed. There is a tendency to skim the surface and drift from one idea to the next, never getting more than the most superficial understanding of anything.

You don’t like to get too involved because your interests are so varied, and so, you’re reluctant to remain focused on one idea or one type of person for long. This romanticism and idealism seems to out distance ambition and commitment. You like knowing a little about many things and you get along well in life with this gift.

♌ Leo Sun ☉♒ Aquarius Moon ☽

The Sun and Moon in your combination are in conflict, indicating that your early life was likely hard. A potent sense of independence and self-sufficiency in you came about as the result of that struggle to overcome those hardships. It also caused you to look far inside yourself. You are self-examining unlike most Leos, and the realization you have acquired from looking within inspires you to reach out to help others. You have a very tender, almost naive presence and disposition that is relaxed but a bit aloof. The commonplace details of life do not perturb or confuse you, because your scope of imagination is wide, boundless, and abstract.

Others would be very surprised if they saw the ambition, strength, and futuristic visions in your dreams. All this is kept enshrouded under that effortless exterior. Your judgment is seldom fooled by self-centered views or superficial impressions because you are able to acknowledge your limits and appreciate your many endowments. With your firm idealism and compassionate perspectives, you probably feel that you are destined to help others in life. You pursue that goal with silent and steadfast purpose, whatever that mission may be. All you needed to do was see it once.

You have noteworthy intuition and inherent aptitude that often controls your action even though you value reason. Your preferences and major choices are generally founded on what you feel about the individual or situation rather than what you conceive. This total belief in your intuition can be dangerous at times, both for you and others. You can be led by your hunches to a point in managerial positions, but you have to also be aware of the facts. Being more adaptable to the pressures and opinions of others is something you should learn. Never ostentatious or arrogant, you treat people as peers, and you in all likelihood live in a humble, understated way, but there is something which sets you apart others.

Some people think you have a special insight because your unique manner of life gives you an effortless air of nonchalance, and people are attracted to you. A lot of Leo-Aquarians are natural leaders. Helping you to put some of those ambitions and sights into action is your resourcefulness and inner force. Your solution to an issue is often the cleverest and you are inventive and forward thinking. One reason that you often seem so out of it and forgetful is you see things from a very wide and detached perspective. You favor the big picture and details slow you down.

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