Sun in Leo — Moon in Aries

The combination of Leo Sun and Aries Moon signs produces intense instincts and a strong personal drive. You may display exceptional courage because there is little that you are afraid of and few challenges you are hesitant to undertake. You throw yourself into every project with total commitment. You have a quick temper and you are easy to excite to action. You consider any setback or loss as a serious matter that must be responded to immediately and positively.

When your honor is questioned, even in the slightest way, you are quick to respond defensively. Combativeness is almost overpowering in your nature. You attack every problem as though it was going to attack you. In personal relationships and the everyday world, you come across as an executive person. Dynamic and willing to pursue any possibility to further enhance your image and self-confidence, you go after what you want with enthusiasm and intensity.

You may be rash and impulsive, but you’re still willing to give about any idea a try. Never hesitant or shirking, you assume responsibility and meet obligations. You fear only someone who is your intellectual superior, as you don’t consider yourself particularly brilliant. Few will ever notice any shortcoming here, as you always appear in complete control and superior to all situations. A quick common sense mind is your special gift. Fully developed, you’ll easily remain in the drivers seat.

♌ Leo Sun ☉♈ Aries Moon ☽

For you life is not fun unless it involves a battle and this includes political affairs, business and love. You are a principled, loyal and dependable person because you have an inborn code of morals. You might seem aggressive at times, but you still would never be disloyal to or hurt a friend. You simply are not someone who uses duplicity or dishonesty. Daydreaming about exploration or romance does not satisfy you because you have the passion and vitality to go out and find it. Fantasy is not part of your life because you are so busy that you have basically no need for it.

You are aggressive and self-assured and when you say something, people listen. You have a great asset in being courageous. You will speak your mind honestly about your thoughts and feelings with no inhibitions. You are most happy when you are in charge because you are a born leader. You get the attention your very large ego needs because you have both aspirations and vigor. As a Leo-Aries, you consider life a war. You are restless like most Leo-Aries people and life is not boring. You probably have very few emotional issues because you are open and candid about nearly everything. You never suppress your inner drives and you are self-confident.

As an alternative, you direct your antagonistic impulses into helpful and constructive activities. As with all Leos, your profession is very significant because you seek standing, credit and as much comfort and gratification in life as you can get. You are conceited in your views and assumptions and are a natural member of the aristocracy. You often overlook the feelings of others in your blunt and outspoken remarks. You can frequently express yourself harshly. Your principles demand honesty and openness and you do not really mean to be tactless, so you just always say precisely what you feel.

Learn to value others in the same way you value yourself and control your egotistical bluntness a bit. You have the willpower to see your projects through and very little stands in your way. There are three things you must keep in check: they are conceit, impetuosity, and impudence. Logic is very often blocked by passion, no matter how intelligent you may be. You are inclined to leap before you look. You hardly ever stop to examine those on-the-spot choices of yours because you are so certain of your judgment. Learn to be modest from time to time since you cannot possibly be right in everything you do. Prior to starting on some doomed project, listen to the good advice of others.

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