Sun in Leo — Moon in Cancer

The combination of Leo Sun and Cancer Moon signs produces a well integrated personality as both bodies are placed in the signs with which they are naturally associated. The positive force of the Sun placed in Leo serves to offset any tendency toward moodiness and being too introspective, traits of the Cancer Moon, keeping you up most of the times. The Leo tendency to boast and grab the spotlight are well balanced and controlled by the modest reserve of the Moon.

You have a natural warmth and sympathetic friendship, and people are attracted to you because you are such an understanding listener. You’re not exactly a social butterfly, but you do enjoy good company and a good time. Friends never hesitate to confide in you because you are so dependable and trustworthy, and when there is some way you can be of help you always do. You know your worth so well that you take it for granted and don’t waste time trying to impress others with it.

You are realistic about life, always applying common sense to situations and striving to do the best you can do. Your feet are planted ever so solidly on the ground. Romance and love are very important to you and you’ll never be very happy until you have found someone on whom you can lavish your affections. Soundness is the keynote of your nature, and everything you do seems to have a stamp of character, persistence, and the honest desire to maintain good will.

♌ Leo Sun ☉♋ Cancer Moon ☽

You have a keen sensitivity and compassion for others. You are a creative, open minded and extremely emotional person and with the proper motivation you can achieve anything if you have the ambition. The one thing you lack, unfortunately, is precisely that. You may very well settle for far less than you are able to accomplish because of your total self-acceptance and inability to question yourself. You do not feel the obligation to verify your importance to the world like most Leos. Your best gift is accepting yourself. People think well of you because you think well of yourself and you are self-assured and confident.

For your overall contentment, a tranquil and secure home life is very important. You need the reassurance and strength of a home base like all natives of the Moon in Cancer. You are very proud of your partner and children because you are family-oriented and they help verify your existence. You are aware of how to give and take in love and you are very romantic and idealistic. Before you eventually select a partner and settle down, your inborn curiosity will no doubt lead you through many romantic affairs. You are in jeopardy of adopting a feeling of self-satisfied complacency, since your nature does not have the hang-ups and inner turmoil that curse so many others.

That which is pleasant interests you more than that which is gratifying and you are too easily contented. Therefore, your special abilities are unused and your creative possibilities often lie undeveloped and are not available for you or for others to tap. A strength and a weakness about you is your pride which helps overcome obstacles and self-esteem and reinforces your inner strength on the one hand, but it also leads to arrogance on the other hand. Your goals in life need reexamining and you need to ask whether your talents are really being used. Do you have a career that will help bring about a good future?

Your mind’s eye and originality are more matched to creative endeavors, particularly in the area of theater and the visual arts. However, you have the allure, instinct, and subtlety to give you an excellent business aptitude. Religion also attracts many Leo-Cancers and some find themselves drawn to charitable work, spending a lot of time helping the handicapped or needy. Psychology, counseling, teaching and running a charitable organization are excellent professions for Leo-Cancers.

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