Sun in Leo — Moon in Capricorn

The combination of Leo Sun and Capricorn Moon signs makes you highly purposeful. You have a strong sense of what you expect out of life. This configuration confers a good deal of mental ability and quickness. There is a hard inner core that may keep you from being as sociable as many with the Leo Sun sign. You’re not the type of person that anyone ever walks over. Your reputation, and the impression you make on others, is vitally important to you.

You make every effort to make a good impression by your appearance and your demeanor. In this regard, you usually maintain a cheerful, good-natured exterior that rarely exposes this inner core of hardness and resolve. You are not exactly secretive, but subtle in disclosing your plans and objectives, and you really have no desire to be understood too well. You may become very depressed at times, but you’ll never admit you have any doubt about yourself or your abilities.

Your public face rarely breaks away from your upbeat mask. You have a great respect for yourself, and you expect others to respect you, as well. Success, in your view, depends heavily on building up a sound reputation for integrity and reliability. You want to be known as a person who can be trusted and relied upon. You are materially ambitious, and back this up with steady purpose and great will power.

♌ Leo Sun ☉♑ Capricorn Moon ☽

You are a serious, but cool person who is strong and self-sufficient in spite of your inborn charm. Remember that Napoleon Bonaparte was a Leo-Capricorn. This is not an easy combination unless you were born into privilege, however. You can be very intimidating as well as stubborn, self-important and condescending. You present an impression of poise and good manners at all times. Your gaze alone can scare off some weaker individuals. Regardless of what you set out to do, you do it with drama and high style because your world consists of a stage of self-assurance.

You are almost sure to get what you want once you set your sights on it; whether it be an occupation, a romance or a special prize. Things always work out for you. You do not think you are right, you actually know you are, and this makes you capable of huge and almost scary super-human efforts. No one who knows you would ever dare tease you because you take yourself so seriously. You know your limitations and you have no need to be reminded, but, like all Capricorns, you are also well aware of your endowments and capabilities too. Your managerial and leadership qualities are awesome.

There are no limits to the great things you can achieve in life, as long as you restrict your big ego to a reasonable extent. You also have a very pragmatic and responsible side in spite of that extravagant showiness. You are able to assume a lot of responsibility, even with that absurd outfit you might have on. What you desire more than anything is just to be highly thought of and valued for the amazing person you know yourself to be. You are just seeking attention with your flamboyance, but luckily for them, most Leo-Capricorns do get plenty of respect.

People actually worship and love you. You will always have more than enough admiration and respect for your ego demands, so it is best to tone down your performance a bit and step off your high horse. You think others should be as serious about things as you are because you are a severe judge. They need to always abide by your decisions. It can be difficult working for you because of your watchful, nearly dictatorial stare. You are a strong manager who makes workers shake in their boots. There is a very tender and frequently anxious person below that hard exterior and those big displays of magnificence.

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