Sun in Leo — Moon in Gemini

The combination of Leo Sun and Gemini Moon signs suggests that you are a person possessed with both action and ideas. This combination blends the vitality, personal warmth, generosity, authoritativeness of Leo, with the intelligence, cleverness, flexibility and adaptability of Gemini. Your personality is perpetually searching for ways to impress others via these action or achievements, and, especially by matters of the mind, or your ideas. Your mind is facile and intuitive, rather than profound or over serious.

Your ability to make good impressions on people serves you well in your public life and in dealing with those within your sphere of influence. Your ideas, while not based on deep philosophy, are usually plausible, and always delivered with a manner of expression that is persuasive. You like to work with your mind, and you’re rarely found working very hard for a living. You believe in easy money and seem to know how to get it without exerting great amounts of physical energy.

Mentally, you would never be called lazy. At times you can become so mentally active that you would turn into a bundle of nerves. You never really stop trying to impress others with what you know, and you are a very interesting conversationalist. You are also very social and love to entertain, especially when your guests are interesting people who stimulate you mentally. Your glib analysis and sharp observations make you a favorite with such groups.

♌ Leo Sun ☉♊ Gemini Moon ☽

You express yourself with spectacular style as well as feeling and you are outspoken. Your sarcasm and keen perception are widely known, and you can be a combination of speaker, comedian, speechwriter, or dramatist. George Bernard Shaw is a great example of a Leo-Gemini. Unfortunately a con artist is also possible with this combination. You are no exception to the fact that Leos are lazy. Anything that requires order and concentration is strictly avoided and you are great at delegating responsibility and thus avoiding work. You need to be the center of attention or you are not happy.

All parts of you, from your humor to your hair, to your ability to speak well, seek adoration and ego boosting. You do have, after all, a large ego. You often keep away from the very challenges that could give you some real self-esteem and recognition. Frequently, a heavy social calendar is actually your way of avoiding responsibility. You are quite removed even though people think you are understanding, compassionate and sociable. It is amazing how readily you can end an affection or relationship without crying a tear. Your outbursts are more of a show than passion.

You are a very discerning critic because of your aptitude to observe and evaluate others from afar, but this may cause your friends a lot of disappointment. You are never fearful to tell your partner how you feel because you are open and unrestrained in love. Due to your deep-seated need for variety and exhilaration, your romantic life is constantly in flux. The inner Gemini impatience repeatedly causes you to be irresponsible no matter how resolute and hard-working you may seem to others. Concentrating your energies on one area is not simple for you. Your curious mind is always seeking exploration and your greatest happiness is constant diversity.

Living for thrills and stimulation should be stopped and you should focus more on lasting self-fulfillment. You will achieve much more in the end if you are patient. You can find incredible expression via reporting, writing or drama so ideally, the creative strengths of your Leo character can be fulfilled. Your combination has versatility and, actually, you can stand out in almost any field you choose. You can talk anyone into anything so you would be a wonderful salesperson. Gaining social distinction and recognition will probably use much of your time. This can become very strong for some Leo-Gemini.

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