Sun in Leo — Moon in Leo

The combination of Leo Sun and Leo Moon signs produces a forceful, ambitious, and concentrative personality: one bent on achieving a good deal of prestige and success in the world. On the surface, you appear jovial, sunny, full of vitality, and always expressing good spirits. Underneath, there may be a hard streak in your nature, a degree of ruthlessness that never forgets or forgives an injury or a slight to your pride or vanity.

Somehow you can be jovial, sunny and friendly, yet remain so independent and authoritative, seeking the ultimate in leadership and prominence. There is something magnificent about your methods of fighting, whether for yourself or for others; a scorn of your enemies that enables you to demolish them ruthlessly, but without malice. A detached and impersonal quality marks your nature. You are not naturally introspective, and many of your actions are based on instinct rather than analyzed personal motive.

You have a tremendous control over yourself, and in time, over others as well. You have a good deal of pride and vanity that can be satisfied with personal issues such as admiration, flattery, dress, and the like, or by the broader method of satisfied ambitions. There is a constant tendency to be excessive in a variety of ways. You are endowed with a very strong will, and this will can be used in either positive or in negative ways.

♌ Leo Sun ☉♌ Leo Moon ☽

You feel the world you live in is your realm and personal recreational area. You frequently mistake friends for serfs. You get mixed up, offended or irritated when the world fails to be grateful for your heavenly despotism. You are open, positive and playful. Your magnetic company repeatedly draws people to you. People ultimately realize that the only thing that you are interested is you. Even though you a have special brand of magnetism, you are not egotistical or self-serving and your kindness, allegiance and generosity are boundless. It is just a matter of you never getting over your attraction for the image that you have of yourself.

You want everyone to go along with your view and your will. You are kind of a compassionate egomaniac. They do not know that once they are your friends, they have little chance of staying the same. Behavior alteration is an area you are good at. Most are better than they were before getting to know you and, luckily, only a few experience permanent damage. Being noticed is often what your behavior is intended to do. Consider, for example, your clothing. Anything goes for the theatrical and colorful double Leo, who is never happy doing things halfway.

You do have a cold aspect, and if you must be brutal in order to get what you want, you will, even though you are essentially kindly and protective. If necessary, you will be disloyal to your own high morality of honesty and faithfulness to fulfill your material requirements. You have to work hard in order to sustain those excessive tastes. You think you are above the law in many ways and need to answer only to yourself. You are engrossed in ceremony, glamour and spectacle and anything that is dramatic and showy.

You are an idealist, but also astute and your piercing gaze can see through tastelessness and dishonesty. Your decisions are almost never based in reason. Your heart always has the final say. You just pick yourself up and make believe it never happened if some spontaneous decision causes you to get burned. Courage and will, keep you forever bouncing back anew. Despite your flamboyance and casual air, you also have a very solemn side to your nature. Leo-Leos want the acknowledgment and status they know they deserve and are proud and dignified.

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