Sun in Leo — Moon in Libra

The combination of Leo Sun and Libra Moon signs produces a very independent, idealistic and romantic person. You have a warmhearted, almost sentimental approach to life. You are highly honorable and have a sense of your integrity. Conventional and traditional, you have a tolerant and logical approach to life, and a healthy respect for public opinion.

As straightforward as you are, there is much that you don’t reveal about yourself in a first meeting. You are a bit elusive and hard to pin down. You may know what people want of you, but your method is usually to put a good bit of thought in your actions and not always commit yourself too soon. People have respect for your opinion because it is not the first one rendered and generally is well thought out and solidly founded.

You are not one to go overboard or fall prey to any sort of extremes. Besides this capacity for clear, methodical thinking, you also may be blessed with a gift of creativity and imagination. Art and drama may appeal to you. There is much that is dramatic and appealing in your makeup. You can live almost independently, and the emotional depth necessary in relationships can be somewhat lacking in you at times. Complex emotionalism can cause you to retreat and become a bit aloof. You are an avid observer of human nature, but not one to want to get too deeply involved.

♌ Leo Sun ☉♎ Libra Moon ☽

You are prevented from seeing the world as it actually is because of this overly optimistic vision. You become disoriented and nervous when actual reality interrupts. You expect everyone to be naturally kind, dependable, and compassionate like you are, and this interferes with your judgment. You have already learned, no doubt, that many people are not up to your personal standards. People are attracted to your friendly personality and even-tempered nature. You are sociable and pleasant. When you are in a position that requires tact or have center stage you thrive.

You help to settle problems and disagreement with grace and a calm manner, as do most Leos. Your view of life is dreamy and romantic. Fortunately, your naive innocence as well as good nature and charm, usually brings out the best in others and works to your benefit as well. It is not easy for the Leo-Libra to be a person in charge, but they have strong leadership drives. You worry about hurting people’s feelings and you dislike infringing on anyone else’s territory. Furthermore, you always want to be admired by everybody. You never do anything until you have heard everyone’s opinion so decision-making is also hard.

You naturally dedicate a lot of time to recreation and sensual enjoyment because both signs of this combination love comfort and leisure. However, idleness can become a way of life, particularly when you feel you are not getting all the acknowledgment you merit. Professions that offer prestige you do well in. Excellent choices are cinema, the arts, marketing, and design. In addition, you would be good in all fields involving adjudicating conflicts or settling differences. You are perplexed when viewpoints conflict, as they always do. You just go with your Leo hunch most of the time.

Pride is a very powerful aspect in your combination, and you often see yourself by the way others see you, instead of the way you really are. You can build up a very repressed and self-conscious attitude if you get too much criticism at some point in your life. Remembering that your view is just as correct as anyone else’s helps maintain a sturdy and healthy self-image. Refrain from giving so much credence to what other people may be thinking. You assure your many friends with your natural charm, but your endless need for compliments and approval may drain them. You run the risk of backsliding into states of indecisiveness, anxiety, and worst of all, weariness, when you feel unacknowledged.

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