Sun in Leo — Moon in Pisces

The combination of Leo Sun and Pisces Moon signs brings together influences of very different natures. The confident majesty of Leo and the more regressive, fluctuating and variable traits of Pisces blend to produce what is usually a very kind-hearted and likable personality. You are genuine in your attempt to make those you are close to happy and secure. Tuned in and very aware, you have the time and sympathy to listen and try to help those around you.

Emotional and sentimental, your advise and counsel comes straight from the heart. It’s really hard for you to remain cool and aloof. It’s also hard for you to say no to almost any sincere request, a fact that can sometimes drain you physically and emotionally. Your makeup includes a good deal of intuition, and you know well your abilities, and try to live up to your high personal ideals. You are a very honest person and find it very hard ever to fool others.

Fortunately, it may be equally hard for others to fool you, for yours is an exception understanding of human nature and motives. Outwardly, you can seem aggressive and forward, a bubbling and vigorous exterior, while inwardly, you are so sensitive and sentimental, perhaps brooding and philosophic. Subject to deep thoughts, and sometimes fits of depression, you need many true friends and companions to keep your spirits up. You are likely to be a very serious person with motives that are usually the highest.

♌ Leo Sun ☉♓ Pisces Moon ☽

You are a very fascinating Leo for sure, because of nobility of spirit and worldly charm, which makes for a very interesting mixture. You possess self-regard, dash, and a magnetic presence that intrigues people without you needing to brag. Your Pisces inner being is a very kind, tender, and unselfish one but your Leo personality is ambitious, emphatic, aggressive, and attracted to leadership. This is rather a remarkable difference of aspects. Most Leo-Pisces people will elect to meet the needs of their egos first if they are made to choose the spiritual or the materialistic.

You are really very pragmatic, matter-of-fact and shrewd in spite of your elevated ideals and humanitarian persuasions that are also present. While young, you were surely a romantic, affirmative and distressingly sensitive person; but slowly, after seeing the world as cruel and exacting, your innocence wore off. You came to realize that if you could adjust, you would prosper and this had a basic appeal to you. By nature, you are still good-hearted and considerate of others, but you will work very hard to get material comfort and status too.

Few would ever guess how strong-willed and ambitious you really are underneath, because you are usually easy going, and your way of persuasion is so elusive and indirect. Because of this, you can succeed in business with your excellent ability to charm and impress others when that soft approach is most effective. Your elegant and sensitive being may attract you to the arts, however, even though you are clever in the business world. You set exacting standards for yourself. Sometimes you may be afraid of your own power to frighten people and you may feel guilty for using it. Your great imagination can make you tense. Many Leo-Pisces are bothered by imaginary sickness, and fear of the unknown.

Stay active socially, because too much solitude will only make your fears worse. Be creative instead, with your vivid imagination. You love the stage, design and creativity in general. Most health fields and even being a doctor would be good choices. No matter how dedicated and motivated you are, you never lower your ethical standards because in all of your activities, as is the case with all Leos, you value honesty, loyalty and trust. You are very centered in that regard. You will aim your Leo fervency to assisting others and doing charitable work after you feel totally satisfied with your accomplishments and have satisfied your desire for luxury and comfort. You will move on then. Some problems for Leo-Pisces are often unnecessary. You may not feel completely comfortable with all those ambitious goals.

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