Sun in Leo — Moon in Sagittarius

The combination of Sun in Leo and Moon in Sagittarius produces a constant passion for travel, adventure, change, and excitement. You are continuously looking for another mountain to climb or stone to turn, and life seems a never ending chain of games to win and adventures to explore. The combination here blends the Leo vitality, authoritativeness, magnanimity and warmth, with Sagittarius honesty, directness, versatility, and sincerity, yielding a very optimistic and enthusiastic temperament.

Yours is a restless, but always positive and alert mind. Your challenge is to keep the white hot flames of this dual Fire sign ablaze, and avoid the tendencies for energies to go up in smoke and be wasted with lively, but unproductive activities. You are more subject to burn out than most. By harnessing your fiery emotional nature to constructive purposes and setting goals for yourself, there is little that you cannot do. You charm people with your dash and enthusiasm. Your boundless energy and imaginative equipment assures you have the abilities to go far if you can only channel your efforts and remain true to your goals.

It’s hard for you to settle down to a job, to a relationship, to a solid base of operation, or to a truly focused purpose of any kind. Pettiness and triteness infuriate you, and subtlety is not your style. You may get into trouble by saying exactly what you feel, never mincing words or sparing feelings. While you remain mobile and independent you are happy, but when you begin to feel confined and harnessed, you can become very unhappy and dispirited.

♌ Leo Sun ☉♐ Sagittarius Moon ☽

You are generally moving but there are uncommon times when you are silent. This only shows that you are preparing some new action or venture. You do not just sit and dream about excitement, you actually go for it. You want respect and standing and set high goals for yourself like most Leos. Recklessness undermines those positive activities very often. You are an eternal child at heart regardless of how old you seem, how hard working you are or how responsible you may be. You have an affinity for exploration and romance that will last your entire life and you are tolerant, enthusiastic and playful.

You are an eternal optimist and very active. You have no time for depression or self-pity. You never bottle up your feelings and you are a bit naive. You are well known for your up-front views, frankness, and openness. Truthfulness and reliability are your principles. You are self-confident and spirited and have the assurance to put your magnificent ideas into practice. Action probably describes you better than any other word. Nearly everything in the world fascinates you. With, so many new friends to make, so many new places yet to discover, and so many dreams to consider, it is not surprising you cannot find the time to conclude anything.

A daily difficulty for you is controlling your impatience. You must learn to direct your abilities and energies in a more limited area of activities and interests for you to be actually creative and productive. Make sure that your position or other involvement handles your need for stimulation and diversity, because if monotony or drudgery starts, you are ready to leave. You are impatient when it comes to obeying someone’s orders and it is not simple for you to be in a low-level role. You must be the leader on the job and at home.

You are totally independent. A certain amount of deference is needed in everyone’s life, so learn to be humble now and then. You are sure to be your own boss eventually in any case. You will stay with things tenaciously, once you have discovered something that keeps your attention. You are not going to have many psychological hang-ups because you are so open and unreserved. Being deceitful with yourself or with others is almost impossible for you. One of the few barriers to complete fulfillment is pride. Your manner is distinguished, at times a bit haughty and condescending and you are a born aristocrat.

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