Sun in Leo — Moon in Taurus

The combination of Leo Sun and Taurus Moon signs produces a very strong personality for better or for worse. You have the capacity to see things in the large, with a good deal of practical idealism and a very fixed attitude. This can make you successful in business undertakings that require foresight and executive ability. No one ever has to wonder where you stand on an issue. Although you are prone to make errors in judgment, you are just as emphatic when you are wrong as when you are right.

You can be stubborn and lacking in innate diplomacy. You can learn to hold your tongue, but it’s difficult for you not to express you views with conviction. You are utterly honest, but capable of believing what it is that suits your purposes and supports your ideas. Making mountains out of mole hills and always refusing to compromise, can make life a bit difficult at times. Nonetheless, the combination is one that gets things done and usually does it very well.

In all undertakings you have a good head for managing and controlling. Though never one to yield anything to an opponent, you are very loving and sharing with those close to you. For this you do require their complete devotion, eternal love, infinite admiration, and constant sympathy. You are an earnest and well-meaning person, but one who may need to try to become more detached and see yourself a bit more objectively.

♌ Leo Sun ☉♉ Taurus Moon ☽

You are theatrical, forceful and purposeful and there is a heaviness to your being. There are a limited number of things you want in life, but they can become powerful in terms of your priorities. You go after power and position primarily for the comfort and lavishness they provide because you are sensual and worldly. You are somewhat of an egoist as are most Leos. You try hard to accomplish your dreams and goals with confidence in your strengths and intuition. You are extremely motivated and this goes with the fact that you have two fixed signs. That results in a strong resolve to achieve the high goals you have set for yourself.

You can, however, thwart yourself in spite of your commendable qualities. You are very serious about yourself and your actions. You are also headstrong, obstinate, brave, and resolute. You tend to have a lot of common sense and wisdom. Most of the time, you are calm, composed, and understanding. But you can be just the reverse. You will be unpredictable, morose, difficult and even oppressive if you are in a demanding situation or things are just not the way you want them. Impudence and inflexibility often hinder your judgment and cause you to unconsciously chip away at your own efforts.

It is not simple for you to admit defeat and not having things your way can bring about states of depression, and fits of temper. You might also take out your fury on those around you. An extraordinary sense of pride and powerful ego bring this about. Success is not continuous for anyone unless they are very fortunate. Everyone must learn to handle dissatisfaction at times. Remove yourself a little more from your actions. Eventually, inner peace and contentment can only come from within, so the next time you feel let down or irritated, do not take it so seriously. Look from a distance instead. Your vision is far reaching and you are practical.

Furthermore you have a wide and sweeping vision, but the total faith you have in yourself often causes you to reject or ignore the opinions of other people. You have often ignored what others have said only to find out your blunder later on. Only after you have learned to work together with people are you capable of incredible creativity. Open your mind to some advice since you cannot be correct all the time. Learn to value and accept other points of view and lighten up in your confidence. Perhaps you were born to lead, but the finest leaders know full well to cooperate now and then.

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