Sun in Leo — Moon in Virgo

The combination of Leo Sun and Virgo Moon signs pairs two very different influences. The warm, impetuous, and dynamic Leo and the cool, cautious, and introverted Virgo. The expression resulting features very strong opinions and emotions. You’re critical and accurate in thought, but often too outspoken. Attention is vital to your happiness. You seem dependent on praise and the admiring attention you can command, even if it’s nothing more that the sympathetic concern you can muster.

Nonetheless, you are particular about friends and let relatively few close to you. You can be extremely stubborn and opinionated. To you there is your way and the wrong way. You have a rigid moral code to which you consistently hold, and you expect others to live up to these standards as well. Though there is an underlying timidity in your nature, and an always present need to please, for some reason your independence and a somewhat militant pride impels you frequently to do the wrong thing out of impish delight in watching the effect you cause.

As you mature you can teach yourself tact, but it is not a natural trait. You do have a natural politeness and charm you can turn on at will. If you use this to your best advantage, you can be very successful in all that you attempt to do. You have an exacting nature and a pride that must always be carefully controlled.

♌ Leo Sun ☉♍ Virgo Moon ☽

You have a contradictory mixture in your character. Your Leo Sun desires recognition, standing, and influence, but your Virgo Moon needs the security and steadiness of a less dangerous role. The position of leadership you feel you merit is held in the background by your reserved nature. Your need to help others must contend with your desire for admiration and attention. But, both sides of your character work together pleasantly for the most part. Although you are still able to voice your views and use your organizational abilities to control authority from behind the scenes, you may not be a vibrant manager or supervisor.

An internal nature that is timid and somewhat restrained is hidden by the incisive, analytical, and exacting external show of direction and certitude. You look for power through mental activities instead of getting the authority and status you crave through real leadership. Your pen rather than the sword is your preferred weapon of choice. If you have an issue, there are occasions when you can be very critical, even egotistical, in your views and suppositions. Although you are inclined to be a little too frank in verbalizing your interpretations, you are usually amazingly correct with them. It is little wonder you so frequently alienate people.

Virgo’s emotional conservatism restrains you socially to an extent. However, you are charismatic, outgoing and friendly and want to be the life of the party. Maybe because of guilt about taking part too vigorously or permitting yourself too much pleasure, it is hard to completely let go of those inhibitions. Reporting and communications, in addition to endeavors that require mental depth and detailed analysis, are professionally good choices for this combination. An ordered and regimented framework is where you work the best.

Living up to the stiff requirements of a Leo ego can make you overwork; you direct a lot of your Leo passion and interest into your occupation. You will find a way to lead others even if it is out-producing them. You may push yourself too hard because you are a perfectionist. You will slip into states of too much criticism, agitation, and severe nervousness if you are too hard on yourself. You may aim your aggravation at friends and associates. Inspire those around you instead using your stiff ethical code.

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