Sun in Leo — Rising in Aquarius

The character of a man with the Sun in Leo and the Ascendant in Aquarius seems constantly tense. They are always energetic, and always authoritative. These are the bosses, of whom you never know what they want; They, in fact, do not know this themselves, they need only shine and amaze. They strongly depend on the response of others, so that their reaction is sudden and usually different from what is expected.

Going with them somewhere, you never know where you’re going. Having come with them to drink a glass of beer, you can get a royal treat; When you get together with them on a trip abroad, you can be in a dense forest. But they lead with such confidence that they are following their whims, and are rightly doing, because as a rule they have a wonderful flair.

With them it is difficult, but they themselves are exhausted because of constant tension, so they should monitor their health. But they recover very quickly, finding themselves somewhere a miracle doctor with a medicine ready for them. And again they are on their feet! Leos with an Ascendant in Aquarius are always starting something new, this is due to their constant impressions. Having seen the dilapidated outskirts of a city, they begin to shout about the need for full renewal.

After experiencing social disasters, they begin to advocate for justice and put everything in motion. But — until the next impression! The last impression is always the strongest, they can not concentrate. They rather give an impetus to push, rather than themselves carry out something. But motivation is their real business.

♌ Leo Sun ☉♒ Aquarius Rising ☆

If anyone has to learn the art of giving and receiving, it’s you. You are able to enter into the position of another person and offer practical help. You never panic, so you are simply irreplaceable in critical situations. You are such a humane person that, although you care about individual people, never miss the opportunity to support any campaign under the slogans of improving the living conditions for all humanity. You are very good at working with a partner, and it is this style of work that will ensure your success, although you are sometimes inclined to claim a dominant role.

In society, you behave much more modestly than a regular Leo. You feel uncomfortable, attending major official events, and prefer small groups where you can communicate on a more intellectual level than just social talk. You are quick-tempered, but quick-witted and not rancorous. You have a strong will, you are not afraid of difficulties. You are very fond of the movement and on the slightest occasion make short trips. Your father may be engaged in agriculture, trade, cattle breeding, and he may have poor health. Probably, you will make business trips related to property, family or your father who can live abroad. It is likely that you will spend the last years of your life abroad.

Dark Side of the Sign

Leo and Aquarius are signs that give a person excessive self-confidence and obstinacy, so you are characterized by both these extremes. You hate change, because you can not adapt to it, and try to hold onto the habitual way of life by all means. Even if you admit that you are guilty, then do not move a finger to try to change something. You are almost as flexible as the mold for casting metal. You are only interested in your problems and ambitions, and all around you see only in black and white, without any halftones. You cling to relationships that have long outlived themselves, simply out of fear of suspense. You are the worst type of fanatic and too insensitive to realize what impression others are making on your attempts to impose their views on them.

Love and Family

You are friendly towards everyone and therefore give the impression of a non-permanent and independent person. It is not so, you are an idealist, constantly looking for a person close to you in spirit. Your quest makes you come into contact with many people. You are able to show strong affection and love for the rest of your life. You will certainly marry, perhaps at an early age. Your spouse will come from a good family, or it will be a person from the art world. Married life will be long and happy. You can succeed by inheriting, relatives can help you, or your spouse will be rich. You will have few children (twins may be born), but with them there will be many problems, especially with the first-born. For them you will travel a lot.

Career and Money

You have a scientific mindset, you are interested in new inventions and discoveries. Your observation allows you to make almost brilliant conclusions, and you show a deep interest in human behavior. You can make a good speaker, writer, scientist or inventor. You have a penchant for philosophy, music and theater. You may well have two sources of income, and your work can be of a secret nature.

Health and Immunity

In general, you have good health, although you can suffer difficult to diagnose nervous diseases. You do not abuse your body, but although your mental activity is great, you have a dislike for physical exercises. Health problems are likely to be associated with calves and ankles, blood vessels, lymph glands.

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