Sun in Leo — Rising in Aries

The character of a person with the Sun in Leo and the Ascendant in Aries is always full of energy and self-worth. These are proud conquerors with indisputable authority, fearless researchers, ready to experiment on themselves.

Leos with an Ascendant in Aries emit strength, power and militancy, think quickly and broad categories. They are impressed, but rarely have friends, only subordinates and wards, whom they took under their protection. They need an environment that they worship, without shine they can not live. They are demanding — but they appeal! They always achieve their goal and keep their positions won.

Since they take seriously only their own essence, they easily find themselves in isolation, which at first seems to them unimportant. If their position is undermined for a long time, they are rendered helpless. But they are not characterized by patience and tenacity; They believe that after the first application of forces everything will continue to develop by itself. At first, it seems that climbing the social stairs confirms this.

But when all the opportunities that this character has been used, the world begins to seem different. If worship is not enough, they take offense, with the words "Let’s see how you can manage without me." But admirers, in fact, are always, so they never have to tighten the belt so tight.

♌ Leo Sun ☉♈ Aries Rising ☆

Many people may not love you, but it’s impossible not to notice you. You have a rich, integral nature, you are kindhearted, have inexhaustible optimism and boundless faith in yourself. True, sometimes you have attacks of self-confident and imperious behavior, but in general you have a very pleasant character and you are popular in your surroundings. The Sun in Leo highlights the love of children, art, animals and pleasures. The love of your nature can cause life complications. But, at least, you intend to grow old, having spent your energies properly, and not just rusting from inaction, because you are always on the move.

You are a leader, a pioneer, able to inspire people with your ideas and lead them. But you are easily offended: a careless word or action can deeply hurt you, it is difficult for you to take criticism, even if it is made of good intentions. Needless to say, you carefully choose friends and interlocutors and prefer those who are inclined to somehow praise you. In the rest you are a sane, balanced and cheerful person. Probably, you are the only child in the family and you had a difficult childhood. You often change your residence, rarely staying for a long time in one place.

Dark Side of the Sign

The only person who really interests you is you, and you try at every opportunity to satisfy your insatiable thirst for pleasure. If you can not attract everyone’s attention and arouse the admiration that you so crave, you compensate for it with food, alcohol, drugs and sex. You think that this is the least that life is obliged to give to you. You are very arrogant and can be an intolerable bully. You treat your unhappy friends and lovers as slaves, and it’s no surprise that they can not stand your arrogant behavior for long.

Love and Family

Although you can experience strong feelings, sometimes you just can not maintain a steady interest in your chosen one, which is necessary to continue the relationship. Your main problem is a fear of responsibility, which you avoid in every way, enthusiastically taking a great interest in other things. Being married, you probably win in monetary terms, and the representatives of the opposite sex will be most directly related to matters related to your finances and property. We can say with certainty that you will marry early and hastily, but later you will repent of it. In you, the instinct of procreation is poorly developed, and you will have few or no children at all. Try to restrain your impulses, this will save you from many troubles.

Career and Money

You ardent and passionate person. You have good creative abilities, you quickly grasp new ideas and have enough courage and practicality to realize many of your ambitious aspirations. You deserve honors and a high position in life, but you will need all your strengths to overcome difficulties and get what you want. You need obstacles that you need to overcome, and probably get famous by your courage or the journey you’ve made. You are qualified for professions related to military affairs or jurisprudence, you can also show a tendency to explore and extract mineral resources, to sport, art and entertainment.

Health and Immunity

You tend to indulge in excesses that destroy your body. Health issues do not really interest you, and you ignore the need to slow down the pace of life when you get sick. Thus, you only exacerbate the disease. You are prone to fevers, severe headaches, flatulence, colic, inflammatory diseases, as well as minor injuries to the eyes, hands and feet. If you change attitudes to your health, it will greatly help you to always be in great shape.

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