Sun in Leo — Rising in Cancer

The character of the person with the Sun in Leo and the ascendant in Cancer is very sensitive in everything that concerns his personality with respect to others. They would like to invisibly seize others. They are familiar with the dependence on others, although in depth they are convinced that they could live alone, like Robinson Crusoe on their island. It is also clear to them that Friday should be treated carefully. How quickly you can lose credibility!

Being bosses, they are kind enough to receive an increase-they are reserved. The enemy from the very beginning is taken seriously, they want to get him into friendly networks so that they can be connected. They have a good imagination and can be good leaders.

Leos with an ascendant in Cancer love shine, but for the most part secretly; Their apartment is modest, and no one knows that somewhere their house belongs. In general, they have little secrets, for the most part relating to life reserves. Their initiative is great, However, they quickly find themselves out of their ideas, if the first step does not meet with a positive reaction. Then they become smarter, start all over again.

It seems that their enthusiasm, which moves them from within, decreases, coming into collision with others, but this is only an appearance. It’s drivers over speedy racing cars, be more careful when they are watched, but at night squeezing the maximum possible from the car. In leadership positions they show patience and understanding.

♌ Leo Sun ☉♋ Cancer Rising ☆

A person born under this combination of signs has a materialistic approach to life, and money in the bank gives you such a welcome sense of security. You may well be a collector and surround yourself with not only prestigious, but also beautiful things. You are attentive to people, especially take care of your family, which you love very much. You like to pamper yourself, and this can lead to excesses, and, accordingly, to obesity. You are probably sweet. Sometimes you are very sensitive and take criticism too close to your heart. It is difficult for you to treat yourself objectively. You like to dramatize the events of your life. Others either accept your tendency to exaggerate, or part with you.

Since the combination of these signs patronizes Italy, you may find that you are in some way inextricably linked to the furniture, food and natives of this country. In life, you will have many ups and downs. You have a changeable, whimsical temper, and many of your connections with people end in disappointment, but the need for friendship and affection constantly forces you to make new acquaintances.

Dark Side of the Sign

You live in your special world, and everything that happens to you is unusual, fantastic and dramatic. You love that everything is just like that. You do not understand why other people do not perceive life as you do, and why they think you are an eccentric and difficult person. And the whole point is that people are very tired of you. They can not stand your fantasies and begin to get bored. You are a freeloader who has no qualms about conscience when other people pay your debts. You behave like a member of the royal family, preferring that your burden is borne by others, and, in the end, people are tired of carrying it for you.

Love and Family

You are very attached to the family, and you can easily communicate with a person only one-on-one. Your loyalty to a loved one is admirable, but it can also prevent you from making contacts with other people. You are shy, but still sympathetic to a kind attitude and pity for flattery. You do not like yourself in a society of clearly aggressive people. A person born under this combination of signs is not located to a marriage, and in this respect he will not be lucky; Therefore it is necessary to approach with all attention to the choice of the spouse. In addition, your children can have many problems in life, although the senior will succeed in medicine, chemistry or military science. In old age, children will be the best protection and support for you. Perhaps you will maintain a close relationship with some other family, since it will be very difficult for you to establish communication in your own.

Career and Money

You are endowed with remarkable acting abilities, in addition, you are good at compiling and presenting the old material in a new way. You will succeed in areas where the ability to negotiate is important, as well as in social movements; For you matters, position, wealth and honors. It will be difficult to earn enough money, and the inheritance will be lost as a result of the deceits of relatives, speculations or cases involving children. Probably, you will inherit property after a number of difficulties. Despite all this, you can get a good accountant, a banker, a financier. You will perfectly conduct business and observe the interests of your employer.

Health and Immunity

This combination of signs portends problems with the chest, lower lobes of the lungs, the stomach, due to indigestion, ulcers and other diseases of the digestive tract. In the elderly, rheumatism is possible. There is also a small risk of injury from falls, as well as those caused by animals, especially while you are abroad. If you find the strength to cope with your hypochondria, you will maintain excellent health.

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