Sun in Leo — Rising in Gemini

A man with the Sun in Leo and an Ascendant in Gemini can bewitch the world with his influence in communication. They, however, feel better than others, but hide it behind seeming goodwill. In the position of the chief they pretend that they are ready to listen to everyone and talk to everyone, but in fact they use their ability to speak only to strengthen their authority.

They, naturally, want to be together with others, but so that to be on top of the pyramid. About their affairs, they mostly allow you to talk. They are able to negotiate, they give out complex tasks, but rarely intervene themselves, and when they intervene, then with thunderous rumblings. They have a good self-control if they do not pay too much attention to small injections. However, several mosquitoes can bring them to a nervous fit; On a mass attack they react allergic.

Leos with an ascendant in Gemini must be everywhere where something bright and brilliant happens. Great festivities are their rapture, where others are tired, there they are in their element. Connections are strengthened if others are aware of them; But in fact the other never gets a word. But they are eagerly listened to!

They have excellent organizational skills, in this they are inventive; They also feel great on what you can win. The most dull surroundings they can bewitch with brilliant words; Where they appear, a new shine appears. They persuade energetically; They are difficult to pass by.

♌ Leo Sun ☉♊ Gemini Rising ☆

This is a wonderful combination of a big hot heart and an inquisitive bright mind. It is very important for you to maintain mental and physical activity, and you continue to study, develop and grow up to old age, and also retain a youthful appearance for a long time. Your speech is beautiful, you think through every word. You speak very convincingly and are able to inspire confidence in your words and get others to accept your point of view. You were probably not a developed child by year, bringing your parents to a constant state of unquenchable questions.

You may have several brothers and sisters, and one of them is likely to be very successful in life. You should fight with impatience. Movement is, of course, good, but if you fail to become a more organized person, you will have to run around aimlessly all the time. Your constant activity can lead to the fact that you will quickly get bored and you will constantly need new incentives to maintain interest, new people, new ideas. You quickly get irritated, but quickly and calm down, and although you can sometimes lose your temper, you immediately apologize for your behavior. You will have many quarrels in the family, it’s not easy for you to get on with your father. Nevertheless, you will be the cause of your failures.

Dark Side of the Sign

You simply can not be calm or concentrate on anything, so that you can only grasp the superficial knowledge of everything little by little. You cause irritation in people, as it is difficult for them to keep track of how your thoughts jump from one subject to another, and they soon begin to understand that you are a person you can not rely on. The past immediately eludes your memory.

You are delighted with your own opinions, as long as they remain with you, that is, for about five seconds. Since you can not keep your attention on one object for very long, representatives of the opposite sex can hardly support your interest for a long time and will feel as if they are trying to embrace a gust of wind. I would not be surprised if they also quickly decide that because of your tricks they should not get upset. Beware, you can become an object of jokes.

Maturity for some reason does not come to you, and you remain a spoiled child. You are very attractive, while young and strong, but in middle age can be a miserable sight. You will resort to extreme measures to maintain your appearance, and the surgeon-cosmetologist will happily rub your hands whenever you step over the operating room.

Love and Family

You enjoy life, no matter what the difficulties. An optimist by nature, you avoid pessimists and do not tolerate rudeness or bad manners. Your love relationships can be unstable, because you do not always take seriously the feelings of others. All your life you are accompanied by changes, the cause of which are representatives of the opposite sex. Probably, you will marry more than once or have two love connections at the same time. As a rule, one link will take place abroad or with a foreigner. Secret connections will cause difficulties. Your children, who will be few, will succeed in life, and their glory in the field of fine arts awaits them. The secrets of your emotional life lead to the losses and misfortunes associated with the child, and in general in this respect you tend to complicate your life.

Career and Money

You need more variety and changes in life than most people, so you tend to work in a free regime. You easily adapt to people and the environment, and you will make a wonderful writer, journalist, in a word — a free artist. You are accommodating, businesslike and inventive, and your ideas are original, you are interested in science, literature and art, you are good at negotiating, showing a note in legal affairs and trade. You can be a democratic leader, and you are a good businessman. Probably, you will have two professions and will be able to take a good position in life.

Health and Immunity

The sign of Gemini is responsible for the condition of the hands, upper respiratory tract, nerves and cerebral circulation. You can be an avid smoker, and you are threatened with the concomitant diseases. If you have dark hair, you are at risk of catching cold in travel. The best means for you to stay healthy and maintain a good physical shape is a full meal, sufficient rest and exercise.

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