Sun in Leo — Rising in Leo

People with the Sun in Leo and the Ascendant in Leo behave self-confidently and truly confident. They spread extraordinary confidence that everything passes as it should, it impresses. At the moment of their appearance, the world around seems to disappear, — so much is their phenomenon. They frighten others, and take advantage of this.

If they say: "No smoking here!" — all silently throwing cigarettes. It seems that only their opinion matters, although often they are not so thorough. They radiate unusual cheerfulness - in this they are ahead of many, but they do not willingly pay for the joy of suffering.

Leos with an ascendant in Leo feel elected, who no longer need to demonstrate their own achievements; If this causes opposition, they eliminate the relevant lighting; Sometimes they even brag about it. But their inner greatness can be felt in poverty. They are met with respect, even if they beg at the door. They think socially, they are inspired by the plans of those around them, they are for the fast-moving routes, if they do not pass by their house.

They are not hammered into a corner they should, are directly obliged to represent, — no one can do it better than they! However, they need an adjutant to carry out cumulative work; Doing everything majestically, they are lazier than others.

♌ Leo Sun ☉♌ Leo Rising ☆

The Leo with the Ascendant in Leo is the most generous and kindhearted type of 144 possible combinations, but perhaps the most proud and arrogant. You are an eternal optimist, and you simply do not have time for pettiness or weaving intrigues. You are trying to be an open person, it’s good or bad, so people will sooner or later find out how you feel about them. Although, being so sincere, it is impossible to try to deceive: you will certainly be bitten. You always strive to be in the public eye and defend your interests, by using charm, not strength.

It’s hard for you to refuse when you smile so charmingly, and it helps you to achieve what you want. Your social life is extremely important for you. You take every opportunity to show your charm, and none of your guests will not remain ignored. Therefore, an invitation to your house is always accepted with pleasure.

But no one is perfect, and your "I" is your Achilles’ heel. Flattery can easily blind you, so frustration in love and friendship is inevitable. You easily break out when you are provoked into a quarrel, but it is just as easy and calming, and even when you take revenge, you do it in your usual generous and open manner. Your father will be of great importance to your situation in life.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are the most arrogant, pompous and selfish of people. You want to always be in the center of attention and very upset when you can not achieve it. You choose your friends and lovers depending on the degree of their admiration for you and very soon begin to wipe their feet. You are busy only with your ambitions and demand that others also participate in it. You are boastful and go to the point of absurdity in an effort to prove your worth.

You are unnaturally theatrical and like to throw dust in your eyes. Why is it necessary to wear only one string of pearls when you can wear eight? No wonder that you almost always look like a Christmas tree. If you are a man, spend crazy money on what you consider to be a "cool outfit". Everything you have or do must be bigger and better than the others, and you are ready to get into any debts to get it. You are the type who can put on glasses from the sun, going to the disco, although, frankly, it would be merciful to give them to those unfortunates who were near you.

Love and Family

You are a passionate nature and constantly seek to find expression. Your energy and pressure allow you to aggressively pursue the object of your love, and you are not easy to reconcile with failure. You go to extreme measures to achieve reciprocity and will insist until you win. Your only motive is great lust. It is likely that in life you will have two large attachment or two of marriage, children will from both. The older child will need special care. If you are a woman, and your husband is Aquarius, you can have twins. When children grow up, disagreements can arise between them, which will break the peace in the family.

Career and Money

You have a huge creative energy, the expression of which you are looking for constantly and everywhere. Your huge enthusiasm allows you to take up work that other people are unlikely to cope with. You are prone to risk, and the speculative enterprises that you are thrown into will cause you losses until you listen to the advice of specialists. You can apply your many talents in the field of art and in the service in public or government institutions. You love theater and have a taste for good poetry.

You could succeed in any profession that will allow you to take a leading position. Wealth will come to you through your efforts, as well as business relationships. Losses can be associated with your subordinates, and also be the result of family problems. In addition, you can benefit from trade in household goods. Short trips will be successful and bring prosperity. Of course, your work will inevitably entail a lot of land travel. Among women in a good position in society, you can meet the enemy, although they tend to overestimate their ability to harm you.

Health and Immunity

Lack of success and well-being can lead to serious depression and undermine your health. Vulnerable areas are the heart, back, throat and reproductive organs. You have a sufficient supply of vitality, and you can expose your magnanimous heart to too much stress, but in general you have a strong body and you are able to quickly restore strength. You are usually either very healthy, or always sit on a sick leave sheet.

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