Sun in Leo — Rising in Libra

A man with the Sun in Leo and an Ascendant in Libra has beautiful manners and behaves among others with a sense of dignity. What they want to tie, they connect with a knot. They seem so trustworthy that almost all obey their outwardly soft, kindly authority. In addition, they produce the impression of balance, which is transmitted to others. They have an extraordinary charm, they know about it and use it.

Leos with an Ascendant in Libra always know what to wear, they know what color it is. They are able to meet a person with a strong and at the same time almost intimate handshake. They quickly change their opponents; They are excellent negotiators and diplomats. Artistic they are also developed, especially in the field of music. A visit to the opera is a festive occasion.

With the appropriate talent, they are successful and achieve their goals. However, they quickly lose their strength from the life struggle, the final spurt does not belong to their strengths. Two kilometers from the end of the marathon run they can see something beautiful on the way and look so much that they come last.

They do not miss the joys of life, and they are lucky to find new compensations. They require large scales; Small flats — not for them. Beauty must find its use, and therefore they constantly and successfully emphasize their own importance, to the delight of others.

♌ Leo Sun ☉♎ Libra Rising ☆

This, perhaps, is not the most practical of combinations, but certainly the most charming. Your charisma and generosity make you smile even the most gloomy faces and bring revival into the most sad company. You need the environment of harmonious and refined people, have a heightened sense of color and form, you are a fan of everything beautiful. You lead an active social life and have a developed sense of humor. Your charm is impossible not to succumb. You love money, but you only need them to spend it on yourself or on those whose life you want to decorate and make more tolerable.

You are a well-bred and polite person, your behavior is perfect, unless you are very tired. But even in this case, you prefer to avoid unpleasant scenes, because you do not like quarrels. It’s not surprising that you are popular in your circle and are very good at supporting the company. Ability to take and share are talents that you always gladly show. You are prone to mood swings: easily fall into anger, but easily and calm down. When it comes to making decisions, you prefer to wait and see what happens before you act.

You passionately indulge in any new passion and immediately drop the old when you have a new subject of interest. Your father probably did not have luck in life, perhaps he was a hindrance to you in some respect. Your friends and patrons will come from good families, unexpectedly you will have a lot of friendly connections among artists and professionals.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are not so much horrified as infuriated. You are absolutely impractical, unreliable, irresponsible and confident only in your ability to make an indelible impression on people. You think you can fool anyone, and you ardently hope that the day of reckoning will never come. Your relatives knock on the dead wall when they try to open your eyes to reality. You mercilessly throw your partner when he seems too demanding, and quickly find a new lover. But the time is not far off when he will try to get you to face the truth, and he will suffer the same fate as the previous one. In such situations, you invariably go out dry, perhaps because of your external charm. Beware, one day your short-sighted demeanor may turn against you.

Love and Family

You do not tolerate loneliness and you need a life companion. You can love a person who is attentive, kind, sociable, respected in society. You are repelled by vulgarity and attracted by refinement, good social position and financial independence. In love, you are a connoisseur and have a clear idea of the distribution of roles between a man and a woman. You are sure that you are very good in bed. Your spouse will come from a very large family. You are waiting for arguments with relatives, it can even go to court. You will not have many children, but they will be lucky in life and will bring you satisfaction. They will be your best support in your old age.

Career and Money

You are artistic and have a wonderful sense of proportions, lines and colors. You appreciate music and other aesthetic pleasures. You do not like dirty work. Successful activities will be related to liquids, for example, navigation, wine and liquor trade, chemistry or medicine. Disagreements with business partners will lead to losses, so be careful when signing contracts.

Your work will probably be connected with people, perhaps you will often have to change your place of residence and go on long trips. Beware, instability threatens your position. Finally, profits related to property can bring profits. You will receive an unexpected inheritance from a woman. You will be successful in your home country or even in your hometown.

Health and Immunity

You can get sick when you feel that you are being treated unfairly. However, you have a very strong body, and although you do not leave the impression of a physically strong person, you are very hardy and quickly restore strength. The scales control the waist and the kidneys, so these areas need special attention. You can catch a cold with your feet wet; There may be an intestinal disorder, although in general you have almost nothing to worry about.

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