Sun in Leo — Rising in Pisces

A man with the Sun in Leo and an ascendant in Pisces has a good flair, how to profitably settle down in life and easily achieve one’s own. They perfectly know how to give orders as a request, being sure that these requests will be executed as orders. This is an authority that seems to be tactfully leading others, but at the same time very rigidly holding them — a kind of soft power. Others think that they are their own masters, but no, that’s not so.

Leos with an ascendant in Pisces also have the gift to foresee anti-arguments in advance, so they everywhere find unanimity. Inside of them something hisses, that this subtle seemingly tactfulness is not so easily given, so that they learn to play on the keyboard of feelings. Refugees and counselors seek shelter, so that they become loved.

Their erotic radiation is also uncommon, mysterious and exotic. They know how to submit themselves in the best possible way, even advertising. They instinctively know how to fool others. But they already achieve everything before they really slip. Many people use this gift to gain their advantage, which unfortunately often succeeds, so that in later life light, but crooked ways are elected.

Their life style is unusual, often wasteful, their house is expensive furnished, they own works of art that are able to put in a prominent place. They also have a good taste for ornaments, with gold and precious stones they handle magnificently. They know what a jewel is.

♌ Leo Sun ☉♓ Pisces Rising ☆

You have a calm confidence and are sincerely happy to serve others. Sometimes you are deceived, and you know about it, but, with a little smile, say that "these are people." Your faith in people is amazing and touching. The pride of Leo is a little muffled and manifested when this is least expected. You are kind, gentle, artistic and romantic. You are not a lead and not a slave and prefer to follow your confusing path.

Your indecisiveness can weigh you down, but you always appreciate the point of view of other people. People feel your sympathy and need you, so you are extremely popular in your social circle. It’s hard to anger you, but you will not calm down too soon. You probably have brothers and sisters, and relatives help you a lot. You love to enjoy all the benefits of life, but do not consider it possible to use them at the expense of other people.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are a miserable person. Believing that your life can only be full of prosperity, you are not able to cope with the slightest nuisance. When someone says that you may have problems, you run away in panic. You ignore any difficulties, emotional, financial or professional, believing that they will disappear by themselves. You are a source of grief for your loved ones and friends who are trying to protect you. Instead, they should insist that you finally get up and take care of yourself. Strangely enough, you have a hidden power, but you do not bother to find it and use it in practice.

Love and Family

The love you offer is full of compassion and understanding. You are attracted by people as sensitive and gentle as you are. You deeply feel beauty and harmony and prefer to choose a partner whose ideals match yours. Your love can sometimes hurt you, because you are not ready to accept the shortcomings inherent in people.

You will probably be married twice, and both unions will not be very successful. Relatives from your spouse will try hard enough to spoil your family life. Nevertheless, marriage will bring you money or inheritance, as well as many children who will be lucky, they will travel a lot, and their lives will be full of changes.

Career and Money

Under this combination of signs, many famous writers were born. You have a restless and creative mind, he is always looking for new ideas. You are able to use your talents to achieve a high position in life, mainly in literature, science or art. Your desire to help people will allow you to succeed in the service or medicine.

Health and Immunity

Your body is not particularly strong, and the ability to resist disease is small. Diseases associated with this combination of signs affect the heart, feet, ankles and kidneys. You also should not overwork your eyesight, handle hot or sharp objects carefully, drink plenty of water during the day, and then everything will be all right.

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