Sun in Leo — Rising in Sagittarius

A man with the Sun in Leo and an Ascendant in Sagittarius wins by his very appearance. The behavior of these people is so powerful that the people around them take their authority. "Come!" — is carried quickly; They know about their influence, and they need such a response. At the same time, they keep cordially-friendly, friendly, respond to greetings, but they answer, others should greet first.

Leos with an ascendant in Sagittarius are self-confident, doubts are uncharacteristic of them. But they do not do much; They are quite sure that everything will be done for them by others. They rarely get up early, usually have a long and hearty breakfast, and warming themselves in the sun all morning.

By the time they are usually late; They prefer to be waited for, rather than waiting for someone. In the course of life, they are controlled by many people, but for the most part forget them. They are quite sure of the sequence, they believe in universal relationships, and feel that the person is not everything.

They are naive — religious, pray in the evenings and find in this rest. They are always at the center of society, even if they come by accident; The conversation quickly turns into the topic he proposed. They gladly enjoy and give to others from their table. They always achieve what they want, even if they encounter resistance; Others do not take them too seriously.

♌ Leo Sun ☉♐ Sagittarius Rising ☆

A perfect combination of two fire signs gives a very balanced nature. The heat that you radiate can be compared to the heat of a fire that draws to itself, but it can burn badly. Although you are prone to sudden explosions of temperament, immediately rush to apologize. You are kind, optimistic and never get tired of learning new things and expanding your horizons. The position of your Sun assumes that in life you will spend a lot of time abroad. In addition, you can succeed with higher education.

You admire strange names, bizarre things and customs, so traveling for you is a pleasure. You have a sense of justice, and you will not hesitate to stand up for the offended. You are usually polite, you have good manners, and you become rude only when you are forced to defend yourself. There is a lot of idealism in you, you are often disappointed when people can not meet the high demands that you make to them. You are a sincere and loyal friend and are very upset when you are not answered by the same. Troubles can await you in connection with the setbacks that will befall your parents or your few brothers or sisters. You probably have a good relationship with relatives.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are a person who lives either the past or the future, but never the present. You are overconfident, and when you are wrong, readily forget about it and continue to throw the fishing rod in the same direction. You are biased and do not miss the opportunity to exaggerate your abilities, talents and the intensity of your love life. Unable to anticipate difficult times, you are not able and worthy to survive them when they come. You are an untrustworthy friend and can throw a friend in trouble, for fear that she will hit you too. You are as sincere as a unicorn, and as reliable as a chocolate candy. Fortunately, you prefer not to come close to people, so you can not do them much harm. Only you suffer, although you may not realize this. You can not be told that you are a bright man.

Love and Family

You are sociable, adorable and tend to abuse love relationships. You attract people, because you are always ready to compromise, but avoid contact with those who do not like you, because you feel uncomfortable in their presence. Your partner should be an inquisitive person and have a lively mind — you want to enjoy with him the pleasures that life can offer. Your romantic hobbies are not always successful. Although you are guided by reason and not heart, you are so impulsive that as a result your connections get frustrated, and marriages break up. You will probably have several marriages, and one of them will significantly affect your social position. You will not have many children, and you can hardly establish a trusting relationship with them. With one of the children, you can break the relationship altogether. This side of life will require your special attention.

Career and Money

You will make an excellent politician, professional traveler or lecturer. It’s safe to say that you will succeed as a result of personal efforts, but you can also get an inheritance. You are an inventive and versatile person and, probably, will be well versed in many branches of knowledge. You like independence, so that the work of a freelancer is quite suitable for you. It is very important that you make the right choice in life and follow it steadily.

Health and Immunity

You love outdoor activities. Probably, you are fond of sports and, therefore, differ in good health. However, you can suffer from diseases of the throat, eyes and bronchi, as well as varicose veins. If injuries occur, they can affect the hips, ribs and tendons. You are very nervous, and stress can lead to nervous breakdown. But nothing serious will happen to you, and you, probably, will live to a very old age.

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