Sun in Leo — Rising in Scorpio

The character of a person with the Sun in Leo and the ascendant in Scorpio shows itself to the world with an extraordinary brilliance. They are convinced that they are the only one of its kind, so that others have the right to push them aside.

Leos with an ascendant in Scorpio should immediately, without any delay, assert their authoritarian essence among others! Who tries to substitute a leg for them — he stumbles himself. They are all peculiar, therefore — unpredictably, from clothes to actions. They are always unexpected, and you can be sure only in one thing — they are hungry for victory. Inside they are closed, not with each they will talk.

From their own arrogance, they, unfortunately, late refuse. Awakening can be bitter, but they do not think about it. They can not be called precautionary; Their impulsive behavior sweeps away sometimes their own plans. If, during a traffic jam on the road, someone in a frenzy goes across the entire movement — this is just a character that does not occur to him that the order applies to him! But they are capable of powerful actions.

Their self-affirmation carries people around, they can save many lost clashes. They are impressed, although they put themselves outside society, but do not let others out of sight, because they are the least able to live alone.

♌ Leo Sun ☉♏ Scorpio Rising ☆

You are very ambitious and deep down are full of unshakable determination to succeed. For the most part you will succeed due to your charm and ability to convince others of your rightness, resorting to power only when all other means are exhausted. Your ambitions for yourself and your loved ones are huge, and it’s hard to imagine you somewhere else, not at the top of the ladder of success that you yourself have built and that you will certainly climb, even if it takes time.

In you there is something from an extremist, you are passionately devoted to work and pleasure. You know exactly what you think and feel, and do not tolerate fools. You do not know the word "compromise", so often get involved in quarrels, from which you secretly enjoy. You are a born bully and do not shy away from collisions. People do not risk becoming you across the road, because they feel that if they try, you will never forget them. But you also know how to genuinely have fun and can always entertain others, provided, of course, that this will not interfere with your ambitious aspirations.

With your opponents, you are quite critical, sarcastic and cruel and are struggling to the end. Both love and hatred swallow you whole. You probably have several brothers and sisters, but you can be the only child in the family. You get along well with your family, but your relatives may not be very lucky in life. Your father is threatened by the vicissitudes of fate.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are a disgusting fellow, capable of baseness and ruthless revenge. You seek to dominate the people around you and try to impose your views violently, instead of using persuasion and charm. No wonder people are shaking at your appearance. These negative qualities can soften if you succeed, but constant failures only strengthen them. If you are upset, you splash out your discontent with others, preferring to look for a scapegoat rather than admit your guilt. You can be heartless, let go of sarcastic remarks to the right and left, and be too picky. True, you often manage to insist on your own, but does the purpose justify the means?

Love and Family

Being a man of extremes, you either love or hate: there is no golden mean. Your perception of other people is determined by their ability to be useful to you in anything. You are attracted by people who are wealthy and worthy, and you prefer to make useful acquaintances. You do not like solitude, and sometimes you do not care who you are with, just not to be alone. You are capable of making rash acts, although you can regret it later. However, you can love more passionately than a person born under any other combination of signs, and probably marry more than once. Recklessness will cause a break in your first marriage, which will have great consequences for you. Love intrigues will overshadow your life. This sign suggests that a person will have many children, sometimes twins. Your children will marry early, but may cause some secret regrets.

Career and Money

You can succeed in maritime affairs, government service, science, medicine or crime investigation. Thanks to your ability to keep secrets, you can become an excellent secret agent or spy. You are ambitious and confident of your inevitable success. In your younger years, your financial situation is rather unstable — among your colleagues it may easily turn out to be ill-wishers, but later you will prosper. Cases involving foreign countries will strengthen your position. After a whole series of difficulties, you will be rewarded with a good position in society, success and, perhaps, even glory.

Health and Immunity

You are either perfectly healthy, or an absolute ruin. Be wary of diseases of endocrine glands, kidneys, reproductive organs, gall bladder, poisonings and migraines. Also, handle with sharp or hot objects, protect your right arm and eyes, they may be prone to injury. The cause of illness is often your excess.

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