Sun in Leo — Rising in Taurus

The character of a man with the Sun in Leo and the ascendant in Taurus is a continuous courtesy to others, while he achieves authority, which he claims softly but surely. These people quickly achieve professional and social success, not without some mild violence. Their claims to power they constantly provide contacts with people who seem important.

On occasion, however, they can leave their courtesy, then there is a desire to be in the center, especially expressed in people of art. In this case, they have a good ability of representation, even disguise themselves. The charming willingness to be at the service of others helps to hide internal weaknesses, including — own laziness.

They very quickly gain sympathy, others do not notice that in the end they are on an occasion. They know how to make others work for themselves, for their glory and distinction. Out of this kind of people, honorary citizens, honorary members of different societies, etc. are received. They talk a lot about public interests, but one should not completely believe them: they have a very healthy egoism.

Leos with an ascendant in Taurus know almost everything, they are better than others, but they give it out with such friendly courtesy that they are willingly dealing with them. They are always in the center, they are always popular, but internally they are always tough, this should not be deceived.

♌ Leo Sun ☉♉ Taurus Rising ☆

From a mental and physical point of view, this is a perfect combination. If you decide to do something, you show such determination that you can not be stopped. Therefore, you are often to blame for your mistakes. You are very attached to the house. For you, the environment is very important, and a comfortable and cozy home where you can freely settle down and rest from life’s difficulties is an indispensable condition of your life. As a child, you were probably very attached to your parents, and they had to persuade you to leave the house and spread their wings.

You have a strong will, and you rarely change your opinions, because you are very stubborn and do not accept changes easily. Only in a familiar environment you feel safe, but your determination helps you successfully overcome all the difficulties on the way to success. You probably have very good parents, especially your father. Usually it is a person occupying a responsible post. Sorrow may be associated with brothers or sisters. Your life should be calm and peaceful, problems can arise because of your unwillingness to accept change.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are absolutely unable to overcome difficulties and just face them forehead, because you do not even realize that they have already come. If you insist that black is white, no one can convince you otherwise. Your appetites are as great as your body, but, unfortunately, you are not endowed with the same great intelligence. Your idea of physical exercise is to train your jaws, preferably staring at the TV. You prefer to scatter things anywhere, and not to remove them, because you think that homework and order do not deserve your attention. Someday you’ll just drown in a sea of garbage.

Love and Family

You are a loving and calm person, you like your home life. However, your love relationship can be very passionate in the beginning, but later they turn into a warm, friendly relations, the ideal for a happy marriage. Usually you are trustworthy and faithful husband, but detractors may interfere with your family happiness, sometimes so much so that it comes to a divorce. You should take good care of your first child, especially if it’s a boy. Your children will do well in teaching and the arts, and shall be for you a source of satisfaction, although, of course, sometimes you can fight with them.

Career and Money

You will be a fairly wealthy person, although you may be expected to lose due to legal disputes, unemployment or love affair on the side. You can get money completely unexpectedly, the monetary benefit is waiting for you thanks to someone’s devoted love and support from friends. Your luck and social position in your youth will be unstable, but in middle age you will succeed, perhaps due to pursuing science, art, literature or teaching. You can well do business related to the sale of real estate or in the family business.

Health and Immunity

You are very hardy, but slowly regain strength after illness. Your vulnerabilities are the neck, shoulders and the base of the skull, and (to some extent) the heart. However, you are very interested in nutrition and health issues and can often be cured yourself.

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