Sun in Libra

Libra Suns have an easy grace and charm that is enviable. Many have melodious voices that are easy on the ears, which is fortunate since they love to talk. When their gift for the gab meets an inspired purpose, they’re at their very best.

Libra is associated with the scales, and they’re able to harmonize and bring peace to conflicted situations. They thrive in calm, aesthetically pleasing environments, and can be easily discombobulated by the chaos of modern life.

It’s hard and perhaps even not natural for a Libra to “go it alone,” since more than any other sign, they work best in a social environment. They enjoy bouncing ideas off other people, and joining forces as a team, which makes them great business partners. Many Libras are drawn to creative fields, since their eye for beauty is often quite refined.

In romance, the Sun in Libra has a natural gift for being the ideal in the eyes of their beloved. This is partly because they’re so instinctively aware of what it is the other wants and needs them to be. And while some Libras end up losing their sense of self in the process, a more romantic, devoted partner is hard to find.

At a party, you’ll find that Libra is the one playing host or hostess and looking fabulously at ease. They’ve got an artful way of spreading around the cocktails and the scintillating ideas - watching them might make you think of a lava lamp because it’s just as hypnotic.

The same languid style that puts everyone in a relaxed mood can lead to self-indulgence and a passive attitude toward life. And even though Libras take a lot of heat for being indecisive, they make up for it with an idealism that has the power to change their world.

The Light that moves to rest

An interlude in the expression of consciousness in which one is neither totally linked to personality or, totally to Soul. A place to balance, consider and choose. The Sun falls, as Libra modifies the outgoing urge of Aries to manifest, as well as the fixed focus for the creative use of the Will found in Leo.

An incarnation taken with the Sun in Libra represents a pause or an interlude along the Way. It becomes very necessary to sense and test the relationship between the Higher and lower selves. The “Law of Polarity” is activated to the extreme with one foot standing firmly in the realm of the Soul and the other holding on to the personality nature with equal strength.

A time has come to balance, consider, and choose the focus of one´s direction for the future. Life brings these opportunities through human relationships, relationships which often test personal, spiritual orientation. This tension is resolved through the creation of a focus of synthesis—the ability to merge opposing forces into greater creative potential for the externalization of consciousness.

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