Sun in Libra — Moon in Aquarius

The combination of Libra Sun and Aquarius Moon signs produces a personality that is a delight in any social circle. You have much to offer because you are so extroverted and outgoing. Not a particularly deep person, you are sought out and popular for your sympathy and warm, yet detached, understanding. Never one to get really deeply involved with other people and their problems, you are, nonetheless, unselfish and don’t dwell on personal matters either. This combination blends the emotional balance, courtesy, and friendliness of Libra with a healthy portion of originality, ingenuity, and independence brought from Aquarius.

You have splendid foresight, natural refinement, and an inspirational outlook; a happy and optimistic personality. High ideals and good taste in all things enable you to develop a very fine type of mentality, with a strong and broad social sense. Yours is a great ability to judge human character and a keen insight into human nature. You are alert to original or ingenious ideas and can use these to considerable advantage in your work, profession, or business. Sociability, as an important aspect of your nature, can aid in your advancement and opportunity in life.

This is never a superficial sociability; you are sincere and open in your approach to other people, revealing kindliness of heart and genuine interest in others. You possess strong and sincere urges to be of service to others. You also possess a good aesthetic sense, and a possible flair for creative expression. Keen intellect, with a strong sense of proportion or balance, assures that you will be successful in life. Your sincere friendliness and sociability encourage willingness to serve the public and to deal in a friendly and pleasant way, even with strangers.

♎ Libra Sun ☉♒ Aquarius Moon ☽

You are particularly attracted to the mysterious and the uncharted. You add tremendous insights into the psychology of people through observation and social contact and are a full-time scholar of human nature. You have no doubt felt strong impulses to assist others many times in your life. When mixed with an Aquarian Moon the artistic dispositions, sensibility, and social consciousness of Libra are enhanced. You discover yourself and lose yourself via others because you are extremely social, but in most respects you are autonomous and self-sufficient.

Friend is the word you use the most and you consider everyone a friend of yours until proven to the contrary. You have almost a phobia of loneliness and isolation, but it is essentially ungrounded partly because it is very rare to find a Libra-Aquarius who is not popular with nearly everyone. Practically no one can resist your cheerful, sociable and humble spirit. The Aquarian Moon, replacing that with scientific inquisitiveness and compassionate instincts, removes some of the Libran vanity and superficiality. The key to your nature is fascination and everyone and everything fascinate you.

Your powerful imagination and compassion cause you to project far beyond your own self and to identify with the happiness and pain of those near you like the feelings were your own. This can be dangerous because that almost Christ-like conscience may carry a heavy burden with too many social duties, as though the sufferings of mankind were completely on you. Your imagination works continuously. You frequently get lost in the deceptions of your mind. You are an idealist and a romantic. There are occasions when you abruptly understand that life does not match your idyllic prospects.

If you do not make yourself alter your Pollyanna viewpoint, disenchantment and misfortune may ensue. In mind and spirit you are a maverick. You rebuff the old fashioned and always look for new ways of expression and purpose. George Gershwin, the jazz composer, personified the creative sensitivity and innovation of Libra-Aquarius. Your cheerful and even-tempered nature hides a very deep, solemn, and often gloomy soul. For Libra-Aquarians depression is common. A more sensible, and balanced perspective is the challenge for you to develop. Try not to allow your sense of social concern to turn you from self-analysis even though your disquiet for others is real. Think more in terms your own contentment and completion. By example then, you will aid others.

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