Sun in Libra — Moon in Aries

The combination of Libra Sun and Aries Moon signs produces a personality not easily tied down, fenced in, and one that doesn’t like obligation, duty, or possessiveness. Routine, responsibility, and details depress you. You enjoy practical jokes and catching people off guard. Erratic and impulsive, you enjoy life most when it is exciting and full of surprises. This combination blends the emotional balance, courtesy and friendliness of Libra with the confidence, assertiveness and enthusiasm of Aries.

Born under a full Moon, you are extroverted and open. You are likely to appear more assertive or forceful than you are, as despite personal impulsiveness you strive to maintain equilibrium and peace; but from time to time you cannot help displaying a devil may care attitude. You like to support the underdog and in many ways you are a true soldier for justice. Enthusiasm carries you along and your interest is maintained while your enthusiasm lasts, but you can be inconsistent at times and not finish what you start.

You influence people with the intensity of your thinking and the positive emphasis of your personality. Self-sufficient and mentally independent, your ability to control your emotions and feelings increases your authority or influence over others. An innate refinement, courtesy, kindness, and need for justice in all things, definitely favors success.

♎ Libra Sun ☉♈ Aries Moon ☽

You love to play the devil’s advocate and take the differing side in any conversation. If the discussion becomes slow, you will come up with some outrageous and contentious statement. Tomfoolery is your hobby. Some of that restive disquiet can be handled through self-discipline, which counteracts it. Centering your enthusiasm on a destination or interest is vital. Rather than wasting your vigor and talents in numerous directions, try focusing your activities and concentrating on one thing at a time. Disproportionate reliance on fantasy is one of the risks you face.

You may appear to be the mild, passive, and laid-back Libran, but deep inside burns the scorching spirit of an Aries. All the exhilaration and motion immediately tells people that you are there. You find it hard just sitting quietly and there is no time for silent meditation or relaxation. Nevertheless, like all Libras, you want peace of mind and emotional equilibrium. Your constant craving for originality upsets your Libra scales and brings about tension. You are fidgety and autonomous. Your unvarying enemy is boredom. Things never seem as lively as you like them, so you dream of worlds full of adventure and romance.

Fantasy is good for you, but to an extreme it can be very hazardous. You will be in better shape if you keep your attention fixed on future ends instead of dwelling on passing upsets or defeats of the moment. Your sparkling vigor, used correctly, can also take you to wonderful heights, but Libra-Arians have to deal with anxiety. You are a little self-absorbed but also have a very romantic character. The Libra-Aries must have as many distractions as possible to battle that inclination to withdraw into illusion.

Your two signs are so opposite in nature that you may find yourself the victim of repeated mood swings. Your Aries inner being is unruly and just plain bothersome, however, as with all Libras, you believe in peacekeeping and benevolence. The result is alternating between shyness and assertiveness as well as ecstasy and despair, cheerfulness and anguish. You should attempt to keep away from overly anxious situations that bring about these mood changes. It is imperative that you give your Libra side a chance too, by taking time out for meditation and contemplation, even though you may secretly flourish with stimulation and tension. Be careful also about morose self-pity.

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