Sun in Libra — Moon in Cancer

The combination of Libra Sun and Cancer Moon produces an idealist bent on finding romantic adventure. You are a deep feeling and understanding person. The emotional balance, courtesy and friendliness of Libra blends well with the depth of feeling, sensitivity and tenacity of Cancer. There often may be some confusion in your life because what you think and what you "feel" may be at odds. It’s very difficult for you to decide what to do. Reality and unreality constantly battle for your attention.

Very much the idealistic dreamer, you hold yourself somewhat removed from the rest of society. Yet you do like people. You want and need human contact, and you are so consonant that there is some danger people with take advantage of your malleable manner. You understand the feelings and moods of others, so you’re very skilled at avoiding conflicts and clashes of temperament. This position personifies the ideals of any peace movement as you are a true lover of freedom, justice, equality, and independence.

By nature so peaceful and tactful, you will avoid argument and strife if you possibly can. You are exceedingly adaptable, taking on the color of your surroundings. You mind your own business and don’t impose on the rights of others. You aren’t likely to become a fighter for social justice or the rights of the masses because you are not a very assertive person. Your philosophies are pretty much centered in yourself, a live and let live attitude. Refined tastes and a strong aesthetic sense encourage interest in the artistic things in life.

♎ Libra Sun ☉♋ Cancer Moon ☽

You are astute and highly insightful. People are jealous of your peace of mind and air of serenity. They react to your quiet attraction, lightheartedness and optimism. Your crafty and subtle wit can bring delight to those around you. Because you have surely endured your portion of blows and disenchantments, experience has taught you a lot about how to deal with people and the world around you. Libra’s warmth and aesthetic admiration is added to the emotional astuteness, resourcefulness, and understanding of a Cancer Moon.

Your two greatest assets are allure and flexibility. You have certainly learned that compassion, negotiation, and diplomacy can work where hostility and toughness fail. As a result you are a mild, peaceable soul. You know how to get used to the stress and grimness of life and your ability to understand people allows you to go far. Both of your signs are cardinal ones, which indicates you are a lively, determined and a socially concerned person. Your specialty is people. You can play any role conceivable, knowing instinctively what people desire and expect, but playing roles can be dangerous at times.

You are, you will discover, a whole lot tougher and resilient than you thought you were. Stop fretting so much about what others think and just be yourself. Learn to appreciate and love yourself for who you are. There is almost nothing you are unable to achieve once you have overcome insecurity. You have a wonderful aesthetic sense and a powerful imagination so art, design and music are all areas in which you can be successful. Your social insight can be used in a creative manner in humanitarian work and diplomacy because you have a keen understanding of people.

Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was a Libra-Cancer. You are a master negotiator and diplomat. Amazingly you awoke one day unsure of whom you actually are. Over-accommodating is something that all Libra-Cancers need to beware of. You are only happy when others seem happy as well, but you must not sacrifice your sense of being for their sake. You believe it is imperative to protect your feelings like all sensitive and psychologically vulnerable people. There is a risk that in protecting yourself you will lose your individuality completely. Do not erect such high walls that your personality loses.

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