Sun in Libra — Moon in Capricorn

The combination of Libra Sun and Capricorn Moon signs produces a basic makeup that possesses a good deal of self-esteem. Recognition and admiration are very important to you, and you are willing to work hard to achieve your just rewards in this regard. The tendencies of these two signs are contradictory to one another as Libra is outgoing and unrestrained, while Capricorn, the great taskmaster, is restrictive and shows a good deal of seriousness.

When the two are combined, there is a lesser tendency to direct oneself outwardly and a greater inclination toward self-discipline. For one born under the placid sign of Libra, you may seem hard, cold, and a bit like a machine; less than typical of the Libra social animal. Even when you reflect your natural genial nature, there is a core of strength lying beneath the surface, producing a very warm and reliable personality. You come across well, though not particularly extroverted.

Capricorn seems to give Libra a high degree of drive, purpose, and a more reliable direction. Common sense and good judgment make you well suited for a serious approach to business and commerce. You know how to maneuver people, not in a malicious way, but nonetheless in a fashion allowing you to achieve your purposes. Accordingly, you make an excellent manager. Committed neither to materialism or humanitarianism, your drive is more likely directed to status and a shining reputation.

♎ Libra Sun ☉♑ Capricorn Moon ☽

You reach out to understand other people hoping to find out how to untie and release your own being. Most of all, you search out approval. You more than likely had a tough or unhappy childhood because the two signs of your combination are in discord and that generally signifies conflict. Confirmation that may have not been there when young is what you may feel is needed to gain attention now. Deep down inside you might feel a lot of doubt but like other Libras, you are delightful, friendly, and sociable. This makes you well liked, but you are a very sensitive and serious individual as well.

You may never lose that inner feeling of regret and sadness that you have inside, but you have a strong sense of self-esteem too. Value and love yourself for what you are instead of what you think you ought to be. Do not judge yourself so harshly. You most likely have strong creative aims like all serious and self-examining people. You can put some of those perceptions into action after you have conquered or resolved your inner battles. Political activism, law, and high-level management are professionally what are best suited for you.

While your need for instant acknowledgment and approval can hold back creative development, you may also have musical and artistic abilities. Libras are captured by figure and splendor first and generally have very specific criteria when selecting a partner. Always evaluating and comparing to determine which qualities to admire and copy and which to throw away, you watch others from a distance. You are a great diplomat because of the insight you gain from your constant observations. Politics is your strong point because you are astute but somewhat Machiavellian.

Supposedly, your motives are to bring about harmony and justice, but your innermost desire is to boost your ego, even if this means dishonesty and exploitation. Your final aim can be merely to improve your own place and increase power, but you are forever blameless in your advance. You may just end up being another firebomb if you use your social talents just to boost your pride. If your aspirations and diplomatic skills are used in a positive manner, you could be a hero, however. How can you do things in a positive way? Gaining more respect and approval for yourself is what comes first. Stop fretting so much about what others think of you and focus on establishing your character.

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