Sun in Libra — Moon in Leo

The combination of Libra Sun and Leo Moon signs produces a very romantic personality. You may make a career of love affairs and no matter how dull the rest of your life may be, matters of the heart will never be routine or boring for you. While you are refined, devoted, and discreet, a wild love affair is well within your capacity.

Your ideals are your guiding stars, and you stick with them no matter what. You go after an ideal with the greatest of enthusiasm and dedication. You seem to have a tendency toward extreme excesses in much that you do. There’s a streak of pride in your nature that restricts you from ever stepping below your natural position or station in life. In certain ways this combination can result in a passive nature as far as ambitions are concerned.

In your career or professional life you seem held in low gear by a force working like the law of inertia. Both Libra and Leo are signs of pleasantry, love of luxury, and sociability. These traits lessen motivation and to increase complacency. You like and enjoy people, and when someone crosses you or takes advantage of you, you’re a little bewildered.

♎ Libra Sun ☉♌ Leo Moon ☽

You have strong leadership abilities that your Leo Moon gives you. You make sure you are in the focus of things no matter what you are involved with. Maybe you believe you have a mission in life and you have a powerful sense of purpose. A good example of a very developed Libra-Leo is Mahatma Gandhi. Libra’s skills in peacekeeping are improved by Leo’s inner self-assurance and high ideals. Your biggest asset is your personality and it is one reason why people are attracted to you. You have an even temperament in addition to your charisma and charm.

Your cheerful nature and positive outlook can improve the blackest mood. You treat others with esteem, compassion, and trust because you believe in their natural decency and dignity. Most people can see your honesty and respond with the same friendliness. A social life is very significant to you, partly resulting from your desire for esteem and attention. The flaw of vanity can easily be an issue for Libra-Leos, because there is constantly the risk that they will become worried about the image they present to people. Seeking popularity can become a major focus for some Libra-Leos.

What needs to be remembered is your social schedule and what it entails may simply be your own way of avoiding reality. Self-fulfillment can be improved by actually doing some of the things you say, but beware of lowering your energies trying to get approval and admiration. Those around you do not always have your view of things. When you learn that some do not have the integrity you do, annoyance often results. You have a lot of luck and it is a strong part of your life. You never feel happy resting on your laurels and you are active almost all the time. One of the things, however, that you need to learn, is to center your passion.

You enjoy being involved in a lot of activities at the same time like most Librans, and you may spread out your energies, making it hard for you to choose a profession. A sturdy and righteous sense of mission is something you have, but it may be ill defined. Experience teaches most Libra-Leos, however. You might stick tenaciously to your lofty visions when young, being involved in one cause after another, but with the passage of time your Libra ability to cooperate saves you from complete disillusionment and leads the way to real wisdom. Reason is less important than intuition for you. You tend to behave impetuously because your hunches often prove correct. Rewards actually sometimes come from your recklessness.

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