Sun in Libra — Moon in Libra

The combination of Libra Sun and Libra Moon signs produces a highly romantic personality and a somewhat mystic faith in other people. You are perhaps a bit gullible and easily influenced because of a tendency to be too trusting. You thrive on love, attention, and dreams, and often you seem to live in a dream world. You are an optimist that refuses to look on the dark side of any issue. This combination shows a very harmonious nature, rarely holding to any extreme position. You are naturally very refined, highly artistic, intuitive and peaceful.

Slow to make decisions, you like to justify things in your mind before you commit yourself to others. You like to get balance and harmony in all things. Your strength lies in an ability to make adjustments or to compromise. You can easily see the other persons view of an issue and make an impartial judgment. Inconstancy and vacillation is something you may have to deal with, and you should try to establish and hold to goals and objectives in your life or business endeavors.

You are a very friendly person, and you can get far in life with an attitude that is ever polite and amiable. Your good taste and sense for the artistic also will take you far in many fields in which these traits are important. Your natural impulses and feelings about things keep you on the right track, and you instinctively say and do the right things. With these attributes, it not necessary for you to be too active or to aggressive, and you aren’t.

♎ Libra Sun ☉♎ Libra Moon ☽

Your insightful inspection crushes the most impregnable defense mechanism. You hate serenity because you are excitable and drawn to pleasure, no matter how blameless and saintly you may appear. You really love stirring things up. You will commence the most outrageous and contentious argument just to liven things up. You especially enjoy this when the chat slows down to an ordinary pace. You are endlessly fascinated with people; how they behave, what their clothes are, and why they do certain things. You do not have much time left to look within yourself. You can become overly interested in the lives and life-styles of others.

You will not give in until you have learned someone’s innermost secrets and not many get away from your observations once they have gotten your attention. Often you get you into trouble with that desire for rumor and conspiracy, but if someone points a finger at you accusing you of interfering, you turn on that angelic charm. Venus luck comes immediately to your aid. Some of your actions are tricky enough to bring about violent action, but your charm prevents it. You somehow always manage to stay people’s sweetheart in spite the difficulty you find yourself in or the individuals you disaffect.

You have variable mood levels and you need a lot of distractions. For long periods, you may be all energy and enthusiasm and then suddenly drop into a dark hole of weariness and indecisiveness that can take can take weeks to get rid of. Be a little more moderate. You have strong parasitic inclinations, and it is important for Libra-Libras to get a lot of professional preparation as young as possible, so they can learn to practice their talents fruitfully. In the areas of human relations (particularly labor relations), writing, law and social work, your perceptivity into human actions can be priceless.

Furthermore, you have a sophisticated aesthetic capacity and can shine in art, jewelry design, music and fashion. Your love life is vital to your general health and you are quite romantic. It is important that you attempt as much as possible to maintain your emotional scales in balance. You can do this and have fun too. Think things through and scrutinize your own inner workings and try allowing yourself some silent, relaxing moments. You have been blessed with a very good mind, astonishing diplomatic abilities, and a strong imagination. How you employ these things is another matter. Like all Librans, you favor comfort and ease to effort and accountability.

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