Sun in Libra — Moon in Pisces

The combination of Libra Sun and Pisces Moon signs produces a personality with much breadth and scope. In your quiet, pensive way, you are always watching, staring, observing, and mulling over in your mind what you have seen. You are extremely sensitive, and there is much more to you than ever really meets the eye. Pisces is highly receptive and deep. You are quite timid for social Libra, and most will consider you one who stands off and is aloof or distant.

As suggested, the Libra influence pulls against this tendency because it is the most sociable of signs. These contradictory pulls in your nature make you very difficult for others to understand. Reserve and shyness seem your main strengths. You are not a social hermit only because a core of strength within you that urges you to become involved in life instead of sitting on the sidelines. In group situations, unlike many Libra types, you don’t overwhelm others with your polite charm and outgoing personality.

Instead you express a quiet, reserved manner that seems to take no effort on your part no matter how much activity is going on around you. You have a genuine concern for others and you can convey this to them. You are a superb listener. You are an idea person, but not necessarily an idealist. You get along with moderate effort, relying on your good sense. Perhaps a sixth sense helps you in many of your endeavors as you can grasp abstractions and intricacies, both mentally and emotionally. You are good at guesses and always a good detective.

♎ Libra Sun ☉♓ Pisces Moon ☽

The pain of another person deeply hurts you too because you are gentle and sophisticated. Hatred or dishonesty are almost unknown to you and you are always thoughtful in your dealings with others. Your path to self-realization may be barricaded by tepidness and uneasiness, as with all very sensitive and creative people. You are a very creative, sensitive, highly instinctive, and artistically inclined Libra. Practical expression can be found for many of your abilities. Your seeming tranquility and serenity amazes people. All working to your advantage in life are your diplomacy, charm, and subtle expressiveness.

When young, you were naïve and innocent. It was, perhaps difficult to adapt to some of the tougher realities of life. Luckily, you are flexible and realize when to compromise. Therefore, through experience, you slowly comprehended how to survive in a world you saw as hostile. You run the risk of being repetitive and overly polite in your adult life. You are only happy if those near you are happy and you too often sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of others. Take control of your surroundings, instead of letting your environment be in charge of you.

One of your biggest gifts is intuition. Your noteworthy intuition makes most of the decisions you make. With money, this is particularly true, and you somehow know incisively the right moment for a venture or investment. You work best in partnerships, as do all Libras, preferably with a person who can balance your tact with aggression. You have a great artistic sense and your vision is intense. You endure so that others may smile. Moreover, you do not put yourself forward, so others frequently get credit for your ideas.

You need to take more chances and be more aggressive. It would be a pity, with so much ability, to let it go to waste. You may succumb to self-disgust or masochism, if you someday feel unrealized. Respecting yourself is important for you. Your environment has a lot of influence on your emotional health. You have to be measured when choosing associates and friends because you tend to adapt the moods and positions of those near you. Your relationships should be re-examined from time to time, ascertaining whether they are emotionally confirming or possibly damaging and harmful.

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