Sun in Libra — Moon in Taurus

The combination of Libra Sun and Taurus Moon signs produces a charming personality with plenty of independence and purpose. Personality is your greatest asset; with Venus ruling both the Sun and the Moon, personal charm and attractiveness become the keynote. A friendly personality and the ability to put your personality across makes people like you very much. The emotional balance, courtesy and friendliness of Libra blends well with the stability, firmness, determination, and set purpose of Taurus.

You are naturally easygoing, even slow in getting started along lines of major activity, yet you possess ability for sound judgment that assures practical results. You’ll look for shortcuts and efficient ways of doing things to avoid wasting energy. Despite looking for that easier way, you have a strong determination to get the job done. In business, your personality is a great asset as you know how to get along with people. You avoid doing the wrong thing since you have control over emotional impulses.

The tactful handling of business contacts, associates and partners attracts opportunities for you. There is much sentiment or romanticism in your nature. Happiness may depend upon assuring firm or lasting romantic associations. Aesthetic inclinations are strongly marked, giving you deep interest in art or music. You appreciate the finer things in life and may succeed in a cultural direction. You have a good sense of balance or equilibrium, and possess a deep understanding of the major principles of life. Good judgment, with practical talent and patient effort, can carry your far. Your capacity for mental and emotional balance assures peace and success in life.

♎ Libra Sun ☉♉ Taurus Moon ☽

Your personality combines the mature wisdom and logic of Taurus with the fairness and restraint of Libra. Nothing bothers you more than the idea of harming a person. You always have a fundamental quality of principle and stability but externally; you may appear to be on edge as well as excitable. You have an even approach to the world and are kind, and forbearing. You give the benefit of the doubt at all times. You have a captivating personality and an amazingly even disposition because Venus, the planet of romance, harmony, and accord, rules both of your signs.

You have an advantage in life because of your allure, tact and compassion. If there is serious difficulty, or a terrible crisis, your tranquil and self-confident presence can prevent a disaster. You love lavishness and comfort and are quite sensual and acquisitive, but you should be cautious to keep pleasure from becoming an end in itself. You always have the possibility of falling into weariness or intemperance even though you have many gifts to offer. You are able to assume a lot of responsibility, as are all Moons in Taurus people, and you have the willpower and inner tenacity to motivate yourself to the top.

Still, you can be enticed into remaining in a soft, comfortable, and anxiety free environment. This way you can avoid one that is high-paced. You may settle for instant satisfaction in a vocation or an expedient marriage that provides safety and little risk, but pass up a lot of demanding opportunities. You need to get out into natural surrounding at times because of your rustic spirit. This is especially true when pressures begin to rise. You might also get away momentarily into your vibrant imagination but make sure you do not forget to return to reality.

Libra-Taurus often experience heartbreak. Sentimental feelings and emotions often take you away and warp your otherwise good judgment and you are not as objective as other Librans, Attempt to put yourself in an objective mindset and move back now and then. As with all Venus-ruled people, you have a visual intellect and a wonderful imagination. You can easily do well in music, art, and design. Business is an additional opening for the Libra-Taurus because you also have a natural grasp for money and finance. Social work and public relations are good because your diplomatic nature would help you.

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