Sun in Libra — Moon in Virgo

The combination of Libra Sun and Virgo Moon signs produces a personality that is very self-sufficient, analytical, and critical. You reason things out and are not likely to be swept off your feet by anything emotional that doesn’t fit your needs. There is little that escapes your perceptive and meticulous attention. You seem to have absolutely no reluctance to get things off your chest, and at times you can be a little vocal in expressing your views.

You seem reasonable in arguments, but usually you merely do exactly what you want, no matter what is decided in the discussion. When you do get really upset, which is not very often, you never hold a grudge. Things are always very cut and dried to you, and it’s hard for you to understand how anyone could rationally see things differently than you do. It’s so easy for you to be objective since emotions have little impact on any of your decisions. Because you do have a very significant sympathetic side can make you seem more warmhearted than you really are.

You’re a good listener when someone has problems to unload, but your counsel may lack the human touch and you oversimplify your resolution of the problem. You’re always ready for a good time or a social gathering. You have an attachment to old friends, but not much emotional attachment to past events. You’re not very emotional about anything. Most or your assessments and pronouncements have a "matter of fact" tone to them.

♎ Libra Sun ☉♍ Virgo Moon ☽

You have a strong need to express yourself and express your views. Bashfulness and timidity often stop you from meeting the right people even though you want very much to be well liked. Instead of trying so much to win social recognition by being what you believe people want you to be, you have to learn to be yourself. In your combination, there is a bonding of the logical ability and critical faculties of Virgo along with the aesthetic understanding and social consciousness of Libra, making you a very insightful and rational individual.

Until you are asked a question or your views are requested, you are calm, reserved, and a little standoffish. After that you will answer with a long lecture. You like to examine and reason things out and you are essentially excellent at that. Your interpretations are almost always correct. Two Libra-Virgos are William Faulkner and Miguel Cervantes, and their work shows the extraordinary insight of this combination. You may find yourself compromising some of your very high ideals just to be part of the group. Being with the right people can increase your influence, so you should attempt to broaden the intellectual and creative talents you can give to the world.

Areas such the legal field, social services, writing and the medical profession can use your extraordinary insight and logical ability. You can easily get perplexed and agitated if your surroundings are tension-filled and, like all Libras, you need calm, accord, and equilibrium. Look inside yourself to find peace of mind. Quiet contemplation and meditation are excellent for the high-strung Libra-Virgo. Equilibrium, form, and design are your special talents. You find it difficult to think if the colors in your office do not match, or the furniture is somehow not arranged right.

Both at work and home, it is absolutely necessary that your environment is synchronized with your preferences. You are fulfilled through work, as are all members of the Moon in Virgo. You are trusted and esteemed by all who knows, you for your dedication, conscientiousness and sincerity. Do not let work become the be all and end all for you. You will be less apt to fall into a “been there done that” outlook of acquiescence if you develop external interests and try to enjoy as many of life’s offerings as possible. Libra-Virgo people often suffer from nervousness and anxiety.

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