Sun in Libra — Rising in Aquarius

People with the Sun in Libra and the ascendant in Aquarius are representatives of bohemia. Of course, not all of them are artists, but all have artistic interests and talent. They dress eccentrically and provocatively, but skillfully and tastefully. They are exotically attractive, erotically promising, but also have a certain spiritual level.

Libra with an ascendant in Aquarius would like to intelligently shape their lives, if only they knew in which direction it is moving the choice of a partner they are always striking; Having brought home the husband (wife) they certainly will frighten the whole family. But this is the partner and is good! They largely ignore the reality.

They see themselves a ghostly world, reluctant to conclude contracts, because they do not want to be limited. Their calendar looks very random, because all the terms are written down at random. They often talk on the phone, and call quite unexpectedly, most often when a person sleeps. Their passionate desire to complement, to another, is very great; Feeling in society for them is vitally important.

Loneliness makes them almost helpless. Looking for a partner, they choose unusual ways. They can print a leaflet and give it away at the station, or give flowers in the hope that someone will understand their language. A lot of them need to be guessed, without intuition here is indispensable.

♎ Libra Sun ☉♒ Aquarius Rising ☆

You have a scientific and logical mindset more than the usual Libra, and not as sociable as you might expect. You are concerned about the problems of social justice and love to learn new things. You are a born traveler and will spend a lot of time abroad, maybe even emigrate. You are an idealist, and your ideas go beyond understanding other people. Therefore, they may consider you a rather strange person. Although you are indifferent to the opinions of others about your personality, you lose your temper when people do not agree to live according to your ideals.

The Ascendant in Aquarius completely suppresses the indecision inherent in Libra, and you seldom hesitate about the position you need to take on this or that matter. True, you can be stubborn and even fanatical. You can be a good, loyal friend, and usually you are a kind and pleasant person in communication. You can abruptly flare up, but this mood quickly passes. You like to always be in motion. And you take every opportunity to go somewhere.

Your father, probably, was engaged in agriculture, trade or cattle breeding. It could also be that he suddenly disappeared when you were still a child, and then it turned out that he lived abroad. Relatives, especially the brother, had a great influence on the position that you occupy in life. You will enjoy great respect and get many friends.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are not a maniac, but definitely crazy. You climb out of your way to be different from other people, and this can be expressed in an eccentric manner of dressing or in the fact that you constantly invent something, including it can be a perpetual motion machine. By chance, your inventions can have practical benefits, but as a rule, you are so concerned about your desire to stand out, that ideas suitable for implementation seem to you too simple and primitive. Your loved ones are constantly in despair at the chaos you are setting around you. Your house looks like a place of catastrophe on the main street. It’s not surprising that your friends have an irresistible urge to run away from you and leave you to mess around in your mud, and often they do just that.

Love and Family

You can be a delightful lover, since spiritual intimacy for you is as important as sexual compatibility. You are often attracted by people with extreme conformism, but more often than not you find it difficult to find such a person — close-minded and attractive in sexual terms. When you finally succeed, you become a faithful and faithful spouse. Under certain conditions, you can remain faithful to your partner for life. Your family will be small, and you can have twins. With children, you may have problems, in particular, the firstborn can be prone to injury, it should be carefully taken care of. You will have to travel a lot around family matters.

Career and Money

Success will come to you through your personal efforts and talents, but even so, complications can arise due to intrigues of ill-wishers and as a result of a number of deaths among business leaders. You will make many trips on business related to finance. Friends and lawyers will be of great help to you. You will probably have two sources of income, your work can be of a secret nature. You can become a good teacher or scientist and you can succeed by working in foreign affairs or traveling. You are an eternal student — this quality will bring you great benefit.

Health and Immunity

Rest and meditation will help you mitigate emotional instability and your tendency to dramatize events. Long-term stress can lead you to a breakdown when you least expect it. For this combination of signs are characterized by diseases such as eczema, convulsive movements, indigestion, upset stomach, neuralgia and problems with blood circulation. Treatment by the method of deep breathing can save you from a strong heartbeat and prolong life.

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