Sun in Libra — Rising in Aries

People with the Sun in Libra and an Ascendant in Aries want to impress, like from the heart they try to adjust to people who are interested in them; But the temperament always break through. The desire for harmony is clearly expressed, but they want to achieve this harmony by force. Being impatient for the most part, they themselves produce a very inharmonious impression, and are in disagreement with themselves.

Their passionate desire leads them to defeat. At the same time, they have brightly attractive, attractive features. Libra with an ascendant in Aries, however, does not want to seem soft, put on a shell of militancy. When working together, which they recognize as necessary, there are often disputes in which they come out of fear of appearing too soft and compliant.

In fact, they could be very nice at the same time if they allowed themselves this; As far as they know opposites, they are usually creatively gifted. The more they are turbulent, the less they need to counteract, or they must shut themselves up in a cell, where their tension subsides. Then they can create — works of art and anything else.

The life of their feelings is exaggeratedly emotional, so pauses here are always beneficial and creatively fruitful. Others should treat them with patience. This character knows about his own threats, but he lacks the courage to take them openly. Having reached maturity, they can all be a fine example.

♎ Libra Sun ☉♈ Aries Rising ☆

Outwardly you seem energetic, enterprising, persistent and even quite assertive. However, you are not so confident in yourself, as it seems from the outside, and your contradictory manner of behavior may at first even puzzle your colleagues at work. Having become acquainted with you more closely, they will understand that you are a very reliable business partner, but not at all as independent as you would like to seem. Undoubtedly, you need a partner, but if you have one, you constantly try to take the leading position in relation to him. You are courteous and charming, although you are immediately excused from the slightest injustice, and you vehemently rush to protect the offended. You are always firmly sticking to your opinion and enthusiastically support the universally accepted views.

Probably, you are the only child of your parents or have become one after the death of your brother or sister. Your youth was not an easy period of life, you faced many obstacles, because your parents did not go well. Your relatives do not support you, and family relationships can be somewhat strained.

Dark Side of the Sign

In fact, you are not confident in yourself, in your talents, or in your decisions. You do not want to reconcile with this and compensate for this lack of aggression, arrogance and bombast. When you see weakness or lack of confidence in others, you can become a terrible bully. Your short-sightedness is expressed in the fact that you always bite off more than you can swallow. From time to time you are rebuffed, and then you quickly sound a clear signal and hastily leave the battlefield. A dictator like you deserves this. In love affairs you are a complete misfortune, you fall in love, arranging from this whole drama, and if the beloved (or beloved) does not reciprocate, you immediately change your intentions, and very quickly. You simply can not cope with the difficulties. This happens again and again, and on your way of life you leave behind a succession of unfinished marriages and broken bonds.

Love and Family

You fall in love recklessly. In youth, you can have many meetings and partings, and you can endlessly play these games. Your success and well-being will be greatly influenced by persons of the opposite sex. You will marry early, hastily, and afterwards it will end with a divorce. You may have one child or no children at all. Your son will protest against you when he grows up.

Career and Money

Agree with this or not, but you need other people, and you will excel at working with a partner wonderfully, even if you are the main couple. You will face many difficulties, and overcoming them will require you to apply all your strength, perseverance and will. You will often change your place of residence. You can travel a lot and make long trips. You can be a foreign representative of an organization or consist of a permanent foreign commission.

Your position will be honorable, albeit unstable. You can become a real pioneer in the world of education, both in the military and in the civil sphere of life. You can gain fame through fearlessness or events taking place abroad. You also have a tendency to work in the field of mining, in the armed forces and in the field of law. Faithful friends will give you great support and help you to take a high position in life.

Health and Immunity

You hate getting sick and become irritable and intolerant at the same time. The reason is that you are afraid of missing something in your affairs during the time of illness, so the longer your illness lasts, the more unbearable you become. Deep down in the shower, you remain just a child, demanding attention. You usually have excellent health, although you are prone to headaches, flatulence, colic and inflammatory diseases of the internal organs. There may also be injuries to the hands, feet and eyes.

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