Sun in Libra — Rising in Cancer

The character of a man with the Sun in Libra and the Ascendant in Cancer is susceptible to all connections, to every unity. They are constantly looking for this kind of opportunities in their environment, listening to neighbors to find contact. This makes them a bit insecure; For fear of frustration they do not let the ties become too strong, they run off into superficiality.

But on the way they are very responsive and sociable. In society, they want to shine, especially giving themselves to performances of an artistic nature. The scales with the ascendant in Cancer have a deep sense of literature and an uncommon psychological gift; However, the latter can easily turn around so that they themselves need a psychologist.

In the hands of others they come to life! They need hugs, caresses; In loneliness they wilt. They need to maintain communication all the time, if the partner leaves, then he should write or phone every day. Their ideas about comfort quickly change, and in this respect it is not easy to live with them; But in fact they are true and grateful. Much advice they do not follow from the fear that this can be a trap.

Their obvious weaknesses it is better not to touch, otherwise they completely disappear into themselves; And it is a pity, because they love others, grow with them, creating their own from the stranger, which makes the world more worthy of love. This character should also from an early age think about old age.

♎ Libra Sun ☉♋ Cancer Rising ☆

About Libra, you can rarely say that they love home life, but in your case it really is. You attach great importance to the family, and although you love communication, you feel really happy only at home. You spend a lot of time, money and patience on what should surround you. All things around you should be beautiful, bright and above all comfortable. You show off your feelings, but rather out of love for theatrical performances, than because of their great depth. Therefore, in fact, your emotions are not so great as you would like to present them in the eyes of others.

You have a good appetite, you like high-calorie food, good wines and sweets, and your addictions can quite complicate your path to a healthy diet. You are changeable, capricious, quick-tempered, independent and gifted with various abilities. In general, you are cautious and prudent, but suddenly you can show inconsistency and bump into fun and eccentric amorous adventures. You quickly fall into anger, which, however, just as quickly passes. You are waiting for separation from your brother or sister and troubles from relatives with whom you will have disagreements. Probably, you will develop a close relationship with another family, and your parents can be a source of disappointment for you.

Dark Side of the Sign

As a child, you undoubtedly continued to cling to your parents for a long time, when all the other your peers were already tested for independence. When you yourself became a parent, you were so picky about your children that they tried to leave your house as soon as possible. You will also go to great lengths to attract everyone’s attention, especially your loved ones. You pretend that you have problems with money and are constantly using emotional blackmail. You spend most of your life relying on others. The close fall in exhaustion, and you can not understand why. Maybe because you do not want to understand. Your appetites are great, and you can literally drown in debt. It is very difficult for you to deny yourself anything.

Love and Family

You hold on tightly to what you love, be it things or people. Often you take one for another. You are sensual and passionate and have a good knowledge of the art of love. Needless to say, you are happy, being married, have a great desire to create a cozy nest and raise children. You choose a spouse who also loves home life and will provide you with protection and understanding what you need so much. But, nevertheless, something inside constantly pushes you to change scenery and search for a new love. You should be very careful to behave in marriage, otherwise you can not get away with troubles. A spouse can leave you an inheritance, but you will receive it only after many judicial delays and difficulties. Children will give you trouble, although the elder will succeed in medicine, chemistry or military affairs. In later years, children will undoubtedly be the best support for you.

Career and Money

You can succeed in matters related to the sale of landed property, in family enterprises and in the field of finance. You easily learn the ideas of other people, and you are good at compiling old material and presenting it as something new. You know how to negotiate, you can become an active participant in social movements, strive for wealth and a good position. On the way to this, you are disappointed because of relatives, speculation, children and love stories. The second half of life will be more calm and prosperous. Success will come to you as a reward for your dedication and enterprise, so try to be as independent as possible.

Health and Immunity

Depression, anxiety and gastrointestinal disturbances can have disastrous consequences for your health. Overeating and excessive consumption of alcohol can finally destroy your health and make you gloomy and gloomy. First of all you are your own worst enemy. Other vulnerable areas of the body are the chest and stomach. There is also a tendency to rheumatism and sciatica. Beware of injuries as a result of falls or wounds from animal bites when you are abroad.

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