Sun in Libra — Rising in Capricorn

People with the Sun in Libra and the Ascendant in Capricorn appear in their environment seriously and attractively, they embody a sleepy charm. They know about human weaknesses, but they know how to forgive them. Here everyone feels in good hands, ready to confess, experiencing radiates heat, his surroundings.

Virtues are valued highly, but deviations from them are not perceived tragically. Libra with an ascendant in Capricorn is very calm, able to wait for the prodigal son, without losing contact with him. Serious connections are assumed to be long.

Among these people you can meet the full sympathy of the kindergarten teachers who are able to create a second home for the children. If they devote themselves to art, they will work day and night. The artist, if he has nothing to pay for electricity, will scratch with a pencil stick with the light of a dim candle. Art becomes a task in itself: the failed playwright goes to the theater with a prompter, the singer who lost her voice — the cloakroom attendant.

They struggle to suppress tears. However, we are happy to continue to serve our vocation. If it is possible to turn enmity into friendship with the help of softness, they willingly do it, however, this friendship is remote enough.

♎ Libra Sun ☉♑ Capricorn Rising ☆

In your case, the Sun in Libra suggests that you should be complaisant, a little lazy and do not suffer from an excess of ambition. Yes, but it is not, you will say. And the fact is that Capricorn gives your character rigidity. You are ambitious, resolute, able to endure many difficulties and are extremely persistent. You see through and through and through, you can achieve great achievements, although you often sacrifice your personal life.

You can not resist the desire to combine business with pleasure and always look for an excuse for this. You are prudent, reliable and responsible, but often take on too much, and in this case you fall into a state of anxiety and tension, and then look for comfort in alcohol. You feel constrained in the presence of strangers, but in the company of friends you are open and sociable.

You know how to forgive, but rarely forget grievances, you can be a good friend, but also a ruthless enemy. Rivalry and secret misfortunes cloud the life of your relatives, and if your family is hostile to you, it can cause problems in your life, especially when it comes to your marriage.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are extremely ambitious, but do not know where to look for success. You simply expect that he will fall on you, but when this does not happen, usually because of a lack of talents and energy, you are a sight worthy of regret. You demand that you be told where you made a mistake, but the advice of friends does not teach you anything, and you continue to make the same mistakes again and again. In the end, the matter ends when you call your friends, they ask to say that they are not at home. You, it seems, do not understand that only you can know what your miscalculation was, and only you can cope with your problem. So try to gather your thoughts and strength.

Love and Family

You are especially interested in those representatives of the opposite sex who can contribute to your career. You carefully evaluate your potential life associates and take into account the position of the family from which they originate, the size of their bank account and the weight that it occupies in society. But also you can marry and with a person who has no authority in the society, but is distinguished by originality and knows how to impress. Your relationship with your spouse will be very unstable and will greatly affect your life.

Many people born under this combination of signs are opposed to marriage, but some marry early, hastily and more than once. In any case, sudden changes are possible in your relationship. If you marry more than once, then the spouse, obviously, will provide you with well-being. It will contribute to the growth of your ambitions and will play a big role in your career. You will not have many children, and you will have high hopes for the firstborn. Later it turns out that this was not very wise of you. You often forget about the house, giving all your energy to work, and this neglect causes family problems.

Career and Money

Your ambition and courage will allow you to achieve great achievements in life, although you often feel that your life is unhappy. You are very eager for power. Material well-being will be the result of your personal efforts, the help of friends and the support of the family; Although you can make a profit by participating in the exchange game. You will also receive income thanks to your entrepreneurial spirit. The dominant side of your nature assumes that you can become a good leader, work fruitfully as a partner or manager. In essence, although you are striving for success, you do not care what sphere of activity it can achieve.

Health and Immunity

Your state of mind has a very big impact on the state of your body as a whole, so make sure that your energy gets an adequate expression. Sometimes you should close your eyes and achieve the ability to truly relax. You are prone to colds, constipation, rheumatism of the knees or joints of the hands, problems with the stomach caused by nervous tension, and with teeth. There may be injuries due to falls or while traveling.

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