Sun in Libra — Rising in Gemini

The character of a man with the Sun in Libra and an Ascendant in Gemini is very attractive. They perfectly serve themselves, simultaneously speak and flirt: mouth speaks, eyes beckon; This is acting contradictory, but very attractive. They usually have success in life, at least they have great chances; How much they use them is another matter, because everything is too easy for them.

They are spiritually active, they attract people like the fire of moths. Having gained social independence, they find themselves in the center of cultural circles. Their involvement in others is not safe; They are vain. Their life experience, they with complete charm give out for wisdom in the last instance on this Earth, and it sounds plausible.

Libra with an ascendant in Gemini — the obvious lucky ones. But apart from their own experience, they are so skilfully repeating what others say that they soon acquire the reputation of good advisers. They can not be angry; At times it can really put a stone in the foundation from which civilization develops.

They are always full of feelings, they write the most delightful love letters, leading them to the publishing house for publication. The sense of culture and taste are pronounced in them; With all the assessments of the mind, they are well aware that perception and love are essential in life.

♎ Libra Sun ☉♊ Gemini Rising ☆

Life should be a continuous fun, fun and once again fun. Usually it happens, because you manage to get pleasure without harming others. Your main interests in life are love, art, society, animals and children. Any of these spheres can serve as a source of income for you. You like spending more than saving money. Sometimes you enter into risky ventures than shock your loved ones, but you always know how to get out of the water.

You are popular, people are attracted by your amusement, good sense of humor and intelligence. In addition, you have the ability to neglect problems. You are pleasant as a friend, although not very reliable. Nevertheless, people easily forgive you absent-mindedness and inconsistency. You have a keen sense of justice and are always ready to stand up for the offended. You are compliant, kind and humane; Easily fall into anxiety, but just as easily and calm down. In your family there will be many reasons for quarrels, and you will not always get along with your father. The reasons for failure are mostly your actions.

Dark Side of the Sign

Nineteen you are years old or ninety, you are nothing more than a spoiled child. You indulge in pleasure, when and where you want, not paying attention to others. Generally accepted morals and rules of conduct are not for you, so you often "sit in a puddle." You have accumulated terrible debts, and you do not disdain fraud. But it does not bother you at all if your appetites are satisfied. When you are fond of someone, you do not care if that person is married. You want this person now, and only this is taken into account. You often act as a co-defendant in divorce proceedings. Of course, this does not bother you at all, because others just exist to entertain you, do not they?

Love and Family

Your mobile mind requires constant training. You love parties, talking on the phone, anything that allows you to communicate with the outside world. You have an insatiable thirst for information exchange and intend to enjoy life to the fullest, using for this all means of self-expression. Your love life is full of mysteries. You are expected to lose through children, as well as in connection with your intrigues. You may well marry twice or have two connections at the same time — one, usually with a foreigner or abroad. The cause of financial problems are people of the opposite sex, although fate keeps you from much damage. Your children will have an attractive appearance and succeed in painting.

Career and Money

The sources of your income will probably be sports, art, game on the stock exchange, entertainment and children. You are inventive, well-informed and distinctive, fond of literature and art and knowledgeable in everything that is connected with questions of law or negotiations. Your luck will be changeable, and in this will play an important role of the person of the opposite sex. You probably are waiting for wealth and deprivation. You will receive two professions. Although there will be many difficulties, in the end, you will succeed. Most of the problems will be created by representatives of the law, but also that you tend to take on too much. This sign also favors legal and clerical work. You should see to it that you do not destroy the results of your hard work yourself.

Health and Immunity

Meditation, no doubt, will help you, since you are much more prone to nervous breakdowns than other signs. It is easier and cheaper to prevent the disease than to treat it. I’m not talking about lungs, which also require attention. This is a sign of heavy smokers, especially if you have dark hair. There is also a threat of gall bladder, fever and poisoning. Rest, moderate nutrition and exercise will help you to always keep fit.

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