Sun in Libra — Rising in Leo

Person with the Sun in Libra and the Ascendant in Leo generously creates connections. These are diplomats of the highest level who go on a trip only when everything is well-prepared and worked out, and it remains only to sign. With this, they quickly win hearts, attract to themselves; They also have considerable erotic power.

In partnership, they are honest, because communication is important. They themselves demand not only unconditional fidelity, but also worship, which makes them happy. In connection, they are leading, at least outside; The partner should not allow himself to expose their weaknesses in others. They have friends, they have many connections, this is their life elixir.

Here you can meet those who act like friends, not being so. New ties are being established in society, and they themselves must always be at the key points. These are administrators, organizers of congresses — those who stand in sight. Spiritually and mentally active, interested in culture, they can perfectly represent cultural institutions; They also know how to discover talents. They advocate social justice, especially when they need to move up.

Libra with an ascendant in Leo does not seek to get support from above: every smith himself is his own fortune. Their house is always open to guests. The car is bought in the calculation of how they will look in it: they are constantly waiting for people to sit in it.

♎ Libra Sun ☉♌ Leo Rising ☆

You are a charming person: kind, charming, have a sense of humor and know how to enjoy life. People are looking for your society, they respect your opinion and listen to your ideas. Your kindness and energy inspire faith in others both at home and at work. However, you do not take life too seriously. You meet face-to-face problems facing you and do not allow them to break yourself, as you are energetic and enjoy the struggle and overcome obstacles.

You are a bit lazy and not very interested in sports or activities where it is necessary to make physical efforts. You prefer to go through life slowly. You are smart and agile, have many interests and love communication very much. Probably, you have many friends in different strata of society. You are a wonderful, hospitable host. You love everything bright and beautiful, and although you are easily annoyed, but quickly and calm down. You prefer revenge for insult openly. The father plays a big role in your life, he could serve as the cause of the difficulties that arise in your path.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are able to be a crook, illegible in means. You are very convincing lies, because you can make yourself believe that everything that has happened is good for you. This quality, combined with the desire to get what you want at all costs, no matter what it turns out for others, suggests that people around you will soon regret that they were among your acquaintances. It is not surprising that you are capable of love relationships, based on self-interest, including marriage on the calculation. When people get to know you better, they begin to understand that in essence you are just a glittering bauble, also without any notions of morality. You just can not understand in any way that when you make your loved ones suffer, in time it will inevitably turn against you.

Love and Family

You really love to feel loved and upset when your plans get frustrated. You will endure a situation that, in your opinion, is far from ideal, but do not accept defeat. You prefer passionate relationships and intrigues and usually find them or you yourself attach a certain proportion of drama to the relationship, thereby realizing your propensity for theatrical effects. You can fully marry twice and have children in both marriages. The older child will experience the need for special protection in childhood. You can also have twins, especially if you marry Aquarius. When children grow up, differences will begin to manifest between them.

Career and Money

You are endowed with many talents, especially in the field of fine arts and public service. You have a developed political flair, and you love theater. Whatever you do, you strive to do your job well, so that luck will not slow to come to you. You will travel a lot on business, and these trips will bring you prosperity. Your occupation will be profitable and honorable, and people of high standing in society will be happy to help you as much as possible. You can succeed in buying and selling, especially in luxury goods, transport, communications and the media.

Health and Immunity

You should learn to relax. You will never slow down the pace of life, but make sure that your holiday is regular. In general, you are healthy and panic afraid of getting sick, because the state of helplessness does not allow you to move from place to place, and you greatly value this opportunity. Vulnerable areas are the heart and back. You can suffer from rheumatism and diseases of bones and blood. Probably, in your life there will be periods of need, when you will be deprived of adequate food and comfort. At this time, you are particularly prone to disease.

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