Sun in Libra — Rising in Libra

The character of a man with the Sun in Libra and the Ascendant in Libra produces an unusual impression. They are very attractive, but less active. From them emanates something inviting, but you need to approach them closer. At the same time, we can not say that they lack mobility. But they protect themselves from the passion of feelings, which can lead them to self-oblivion.

Their ability to adapt sometimes goes so far that they themselves disappear as a person. If everything goes well, they turn out to be the happiest of people; If something is not right, then there is a great danger of losing yourself. The scales with the Ascendant in Libra have subtle artistic inclinations, but they lack the necessary ability to hold their own.

The same applies to their sense of justice, on which they are not always ready to insist, sometimes simply out of reluctance to part with peace. They are ready to give it up only for the sake of love, which they can indulge in entirely, giving themselves to tenderness and giving tenderness. Whoever falls into their hands, one must be careful not to burn in this stream of feelings. One can only hope that a partner in intoxication will not forget with affection, that there are also everyday life!

They have a strong desire for harmony, a thirst for a decent life without difficulties. Their attractive power is great, but they want to be conquered, only then they are completely confident in feeling and give themselves.

♎ Libra Sun ☉♎ Libra Rising ☆

You are attractive, careless and incredibly charming. It’s hard to argue with you, because in disputes you usually support both sides, and then just disappear. It is difficult for you to make decisions, but not when it comes to beauty. Here you always strive for excellence. You need to try to develop commitment to resist the indecision that is characteristic of you in professional matters, otherwise you will never be able to decide what to do. You are advancing towards the goal in jerks, as you are either lazy, or walk around it in circles, not knowing how to approach. You need a world of peace, harmony and beauty, otherwise you are out of balance and may even get sick. You can not be pressured, you solve all the questions slowly, whether they concern your work or your personal life.

Friends constantly have to wait for you, and they swear every time that they will not do it again. But it’s worthwhile for you, finally, to slowly approach the meeting place and with a charming smile to apologize for being late, their hearts are thawing. You always accept your invitations kindly and feel comfortable in a pleasant company, especially when you can enjoy good food, drinks and chat with representatives of the opposite sex. You will have many relatives, since you either will be adopted, or you will marry a person from a large family. Your father will not have a very good influence on your life because he will feel like a loser, or for reasons beyond his control.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are probably late to be born, and if this is possible, you will find a way to be late for your own funeral. You are an irresponsible, inconsistent type, and you have almost no common sense. You will never stand if you can sit down, and never sit, if you can lie down. In financial terms, you are a real catastrophe. Your love of beauty turns into a rampant lust for luxury, and you devastate the purse, buying luxurious trinkets.

You believe that life is a game in which everyone must play by your rules. The only problem is that you are rarely able to formulate these rules intelligibly. At the slightest threat of trouble you disappear or drown in alcohol. In the end, your notorious huge charm will completely disappear behind the fat pillow, which you will turn into, and then you will quickly discover that your popularity with the opposite sex has waned. You will be saved from this by plunging completely into yourself.

Love and Family

Libra — a sign of ties, marriage, equality and justice. It symbolizes the need of one person in another: a person with whom you can share everything that life offers. To keep your interest, the partner should be smart and attractive. This sign of the Zodiac symbolizes marriage, and if you are not officially part of it, you probably have a person with whom you have already spent a lot of time together. You easily succumb to external charm, so living together with your spouse can be difficult for you, and you will be parted. Your spouse is usually a well-off person, and you suddenly get an inheritance from his family. You will have a few children, but they will be lucky in life and will bring you satisfaction. Your children will probably be the best support in your old age.

Career and Money

You have an ingenious mind and have the ability to work in the field of design and decoration. You are quickly trained and have a tendency to engage in art, law and business. You often change your hobbies, although you surrender to each of them with great interest. Generally speaking, you will be successful in activities that are somehow related to liquids, and you could trade in wine, become a chemist, surgeon or sailor. Your work will be connected with people and will assume frequent changes of residence or long trips. Your position in life is not stable, and reputation is sometimes threatened. But, in the end, you will achieve success and not only in your city, but also in the country.

Health and Immunity

Libra are divided into two groups: those who are obsessed with obsessions about diet, and those who suffer from obesity. The first group can suffer from malnutrition and lack of vitamins, and the second — from diabetes and from the battle with their fat and good appetite. Vulnerable areas — liver, kidneys, veins, feet and intestines. A little common sense — and you will be able to maintain your health at the proper level.

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