Sun in Libra — Rising in Pisces

The character of a man with the Sun in Libra and an ascendant in Pisces has the gift of being inimitable with others, with people. They are called love artists. They really can seem wizards, they can skillfully catch another, have a subtle instinct of its originality, that attracts everyone to them and can tie them.

Their feelings are always obvious, they instinctively always feel where they are worthy of the love and weaknesses of the other, and they adhere to it. The scales with the ascendant in Pisces are also artistically very gifted. Everything is applied with tact. Only rudeness or rigidity makes them insecure, then they retreat.

They see life as a pleasant intermediate stop in their existence, because they somehow believe in the afterlife or believe that they lived already earlier. It is a wonderful partner decorating life, but it is not a winner of life, for this, other forces are needed, for this they lack an iron core.

They specialize in compliance and compatibility with the other. Not finding an echo, they may even dissolve; They are immersed in dreams and can indulge even drugs that are capable of taking them to another world. The deeper they sink, the more they need a friend or partner, and they have an inimitable gift to reduce friendship on earth. They give the impression of fruitfulness, creativity.

♎ Libra Sun ☉♓ Pisces Rising ☆

You are very indecisive, but still able to find someone who will make your heart beat faster. You are more than other people, loving, tender, changeable and artistic nature. You have success with the opposite sex and in any society. Some people tend to think that you are too sophisticated person and therefore easily vulnerable. They patronize you, and usually you are grateful to them for it. You are emotional, sensitive and easily imbued with the experiences of others. You are the first to rush to help people when they need it. You love animals, children and nature.

Although you sometimes need privacy, you are not a hermit and love communication, and at the deepest level. You have a rich imagination, and you are probably a creative person. You love to enjoy all the benefits of life and know how to please yourself. However, your nobility does not allow you to enjoy the joys of life to the detriment of other people. Parents did not make a big contribution to your well-being, and you could very early stop talking with one of them. Your mother could marry more than once.

Dark Side of the Sign

It is hard to imagine that you have bothered to read these lines, because your chronic indecision prevents you from doing even the smallest acts. It is difficult for you to solve the daily problem of getting up in the morning from bed or not. You hesitate, suffer and work hard to make the most trivial decision, and it is very likely that you will not move far along the ladder of success, as this requires a multitude of decisions. But that does not bother you, because you are hardly ambitious. In addition, you do not have the energy reserves that are required for this. Emotionality and romanticism beats you in the end, you live on an unknown basis and are fed by the energy of others, like a vampire. Hardly you are a nightmare for others, you are just a whiny, weak-willed, capricious type, but rather harmless.

Love and Family

In love, you are mysterious and sensual. You agree with others out of courtesy, but later change your mind. You are passionate about passionately, but often you change the objects of your affection and you can fully marry twice. In a marriage, you will experience hard enough periods, especially the big troubles will get your relatives from the side of the spouse. Nevertheless, you can expect that the spouse will leave you an inheritance. You will have many children, and they will be successful in life. They will travel a lot, and a lot of changes await them.

Career and Money

You are endowed with many talents and will succeed in life thanks to your merits, mainly in literature, science or art. Your restlessness and creative nature make you constantly in search of new ideas. Well-being will come to you through your efforts, thanks to travel, writing and the help of relatives. Probably, you will have two professions. Influential friends will help you to take a higher position in society. This combination of signs usually brings a person considerable wealth.

Health and Immunity

In adolescence, you may not be healthy, but you can correct it with diet, vitamins and exercise. Try to consume more protein-rich foods that will give you the energy you need to succeed in this world. Excessive consumption of alcohol will cause you a feeling of apathy and despair. You are prone to diseases affecting the feet, ankles and eyes. Care should also be taken with hot and sharp objects. Women may have irregular kidneys and irregular menstruation. You should carefully monitor your health, remember this.

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