Sun in Libra — Rising in Scorpio

The character of a man with the Sun in Libra and the Ascendant in Scorpio seems somewhat alien to his environment. Counting on society, they also feel that they feel somewhat entrenched, and they react sharply to this. At their core they like balance, poise, but others constantly interrupt their dreams, so that they protect themselves with their bitterness, although it does not correspond to their convictions.

They may at the same time show themselves in the wrong light or even indulge in intoxication. At the same time they are, as they say, "vocal". They can work well in science, they can perform tasks that others can not. Their moral foundations seem to others in a different light, because they are not guided by generally accepted opinions.

Libra with an ascendant in Scorpio is very erotic, and it seems that all their antics are full of this, they can not live without erotica; Even alone they know how to help themselves, and are prone to other such dubious adventures. They are often unrestrained, ready to take risks, so that after such an impetuous pursuit of lost values.

They like seeming conflicts, because they unconsciously seek the joy of reconciliation. To love quarrels to enjoy the world — that seems to be their motto, which the average inhabitant, of course does not understand: however, they simply do not notice the average inhabitant.

♎ Libra Sun ☉♏ Scorpio Rising ☆

Behind the mask of suspicion and inflexibility lies a nature full of charm and love, which passionately wants to come to light. However, you prefer not to show your vulnerabilities, and people are afraid of your perseverance, energy and magnetism, which comes from you. Yes, you do not want to change your image. Most Libra are not decisive, but not you. In life everything is clear for you, your views are stable and definite.

You are characterized by secrecy and the propensity for loneliness, which you love to enjoy, considering that it has a life-giving effect on you. You like to play the role of a critic, and your comments can be sarcastic and very impartial. You have a rich imagination, you are distinguished by a quick temper, which, however, quickly passes. You truly love and just as honestly hate. Both Libra and Scorpio are sensual signs, lovers eat well and communicate with the opposite sex. If you do not miss the opportunity to indulge in these pleasures.

Most likely, your father treated you very well, but he was not particularly lucky in life. Perhaps you are the only child in the family, but if you have brothers or sisters, their life will probably not be easy. You have many friends from good families or from the world of artists or artists. Your relatives care about your interests and well-being, but at the age of about thirty years you will have many home problems.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are a glutton who can fill his belly with a record speed. You realize that this can be a kind of compensation, but what compensation? In your case — total. If life goes relatively smoothly, you will always invent a problem and go to the booze. Having drunk, you start a fight with the first one that you got under your arm, and someday you will certainly be arrested for this. It can go so far that your friends and relatives will agree on whose turn it is to go to the police station and take you on bail. Every time you repent of your behavior, but when life strikes again, everything starts again. Try to grow wiser, until your loved ones leave you to cook in their own juice.

Love and Family

You like to leave representatives of the opposite sex in doubts about you, but one thing is for certain: it is a sign that never makes any random attempts. You are a proprietor by nature, jealous and vindictive, but the object of your passion must be worth the energy that you spent on his conquest. You never do anything by half. Falling in love, you surrender to your feeling completely, although your passion does not last forever. You are likely to marry more than once and will have many secret love relationships. You will have many children, including twins. Your children will marry early, and you will experience some secret experiences in connection with them. Financially, you will succeed through relatives who are married, and through your marriage.

Career and Money

Your propensity for criticism often helps you to make a career in occult research, chemistry, philosophy or even detective investigations. You are also attracted to the marine business and work in the government. The financial situation is uncertain, especially in youth, but later life is improving and you will be able to succeed in matters related to foreign countries. You can have two professions, and both of them will give you income. Particularly well you manage to conduct painstaking work behind the scenes of events, and this can also bring you money.

Health and Immunity

You tend to indulge in excesses and sometimes abuse food, drinks, smoking and sex. You are sleeping too little, and all this leads to stress and premature aging. You should try to be more moderate in your hobbies, as you are prone to gallbladder disease, poisoning and migraines. Also, handle hot and sharp objects with care. Your right arm and eyes are prone to injury. Basically you are the cause of your illness.

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