Sun in Libra — Rising in Taurus

The character of a man with the Sun in Libra and the ascendant in Taurus produces a sweet impression. These people easily make friends, strive for societies and connections. They possess true charm and bright diplomacy. Compromise can be an ideal goal for them, so they are largely oriented toward others, which somewhat limits their own inner life, which may even remain undeveloped.

They want to succumb so much to others that they are ready to neglect themselves. But, fortunately, they do not see the world around as a milk river with crocheted beaches, so they are careful not to end up in the doss house at long last. It would be terrible, because they are accustomed to living in contentment. They strive for elegance, not only external, but also internal.

In addition, they are flirtatious, very seductive, full of charming humor. In their opinion, they do not insist too much. It is enough for them to win only from time to time, this is enough for them for a long time. Their sense of reality is not fully formed. It would be difficult for them to cope with life alone — but the partner is always there.

Libra with the ascendant in Taurus are spiritually sociable, they make connections on the basis of art, they look great in society. Their charm is irresistible: they promise more than they can, but who will avoid them.

♎ Libra Sun ☉♉ Taurus Rising ☆

Since both signs are under the protection of Venus, their combination gives a person special sensuality and artistry. Music, nature, social life and love are your main interests. Creativity is an indispensable attribute of your life, although, perhaps, on an unprofessional basis. You can perfectly prepare, play music in a narrow circle of friends and acquaintances and get involved in gardening.

In general, a tolerant person, you are not easily out of yourself, but if you are exploding, then everyone fled. You are a loving person and do not accept arguments in defense of loneliness. You are sensual, and sex is important to you, so when you are without a partner in life, you are either constantly sitting on one of your eerie diets, or at every opportunity to apply to the bottle. You know nothing at all, I will not restrain, nor measure. You firmly adhere to your beliefs while you have them, but are inclined to change them unexpectedly.

The Taurus sign usually gives a person good parents, especially a father. Probably, he occupied an important position in society. You may have problems with brothers and sisters, but in general your life flows peacefully and peacefully, the only cause of trouble may be your stubbornness in the face of advancing changes.

Dark Side of the Sign

You are stubborn, intolerant, lazy slob! If you made a decision, nothing can stop you. You deceive the object of your love until its complete surrender, and if you suddenly realize that you have made a blatant mistake, then hardly pay attention to it. You just do not admit that you can make mistakes. Therefore, you until the last cling to your spouse, forcing him and all others to fall into despair from your behavior. The fact is that you are terribly lazy. You will sit in a chair, grow fat until your cheeks are visible from behind, wait for changes, but you do not slap a finger to make them finally come. You are not particularly ambitious and prefer not to do anything at work. You avoid responsibility and do not like to attract attention, so your career stands still. But you got a comfortable life, so what are you worried about?

Love and Family

This combination of signs, controlled by Venus, differs constancy and is guided by emotions rather than reason. A resolute and imperious person, you, having received what you want, will never give up what you think is yours by right. Ill-wishers threaten to destroy your family happiness. Your spouse loves a quiet life, and your first-born, especially if it’s a boy, will require enhanced nutrition. After two years, all your children will get stronger. For you they will become a source of satisfaction and support, they will succeed in the field of education and art. Naturally, from time to time you will have minor quarrels, but close contact and love will always be present in your relationship.

Career and Money

You could very well succeed in the service or health care sector. You are interested in natural science, gardening, gardening; In the work you are diligent and persistent. You will achieve some material prosperity, and losses can be expected as a result of litigation, unemployment or love affair on the side. Nevertheless, unexpectedly you may be showered with golden rain, and you will benefit from someone’s love for you. Your position in your youth will be unstable, but later you will be able to improve your business. In this you will help successful acquaintances, dedication and your leadership abilities.

Health and Immunity

In general, you are healthy like an ox, and if you follow your diet, do physical exercises, you will significantly increase your chances of a happy, healthy life. Vulnerable organs are the spleen, kidneys, liver, in women — the ovaries. You are also prone to diabetes, throat and tonsillitis.

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